A tag-team match in the Poison Six-Pack Arc.


(More to Come)


Gazelleman goes first in fighting Puripuriman.

He charges at Puripuriman, but Puripuriman avoids his attack and release gas in retaliation. The noxious gas shocks the Muscle League members watching the match, along with spectators, but Mantaro Kinniku simply laughs at the attack and shows no sign of concern. Gazelleman insults Puripuriman, only to be engaged in a German Suplex, which leads to Gazelleman exchanging more insults. This infuriates Puripuriman, who twists Gazelleman's arms and causes him to weep, which embarrasses the Muscle League.

The sight of Gazelleman weeping inspire Mantaro. He uses his power of "Ultimate Muscle", but he uses it to release gas and sends the stench towards the ring. Gazelleman comes to his senses, while Puripuriman says that the smell doesn't affect him and that he is immune to such smells. It is at this point that Puripuriman tells the story of why he became a villain, where he explains - looking like a posterior - he was ridiculed and abused by his peers during his childhood. He explains he has a strong emotional core because of this, enough to repel the insults effects, and states that Gazelleman is the weak one, having never won a match.

Gazelleman cries once more.

Puripuriman says this is his signature move, before he points out that even Gazelleman's friends mock him and do not respect him. Mantaro sings again, but Meat Alexandria gets angry at his behaviour, and Mantaro explains that Puripuriman is right and that Gazelleman has never won a match. Meat - still angry - argues that Gazelleman is a part of the team and that Keiko's safety depends on his victory. The Muscle League spectators soon tell Gazelleman not to listen to Purirpuriman, and they support him unconditionally, and Gazelleman is reinvigorated through their support.

Gazelleman uses his Antler Glove attack and strikes at Puripuriman, who dodges and turns his hands into feet and counterattacks against Gazelleman. Seiuchin asks Gazelleman to tag him, but Gazelleman refuses and this gives Puripuriman the advantage to put Gazelleman into a head-lock. He then uses another gas attack on Gazelleman.


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