7 Devils

The primary antagonists of the Seven Devil Chojin Arc.


The Seven Devil Chojin are the primary antagonists of the Seven Devil Chojin Arc. They were sealed away by Justice Chojin in a space roach motel until Kinnikuman accidentally busted them free. They all wanted to challenge Kinnikuman to prove that they were the best. 



The primary antagonists of the Seven Devil Chojin Arc. They all wanted to challenge Kinnikuman to prove that they were the best after Kinnikuman accidentally broke them free from their space roach prison. These guys are the underlings of the Six Devil Knights, even trained by Sneagator himself. Buffaloman would grow a fond respect for Kinnikuman during their match, giving him the hardest fight in the arc by giving Kinnikuman his all.

For their defeats in the Seven Devil Chojin arc, their heads were decapitated by the Devil Knights, and their arms with the exception of Buffaloman, were stolen by Asuraman. Buffaloman would miraculously get revived as a Devil Knight. After helping Kinnikuman out during the battle against General Devil, Buffaloman would go on to join the Justice Chojin, but would rejoin the Devil Chojin during the Perfect Large Numbers arc. Black Hole also came back to life and joined up with his cousin Pentagon during the Dream Tag Tournament arc as the 4D Killer Combo. They lost to the Muscle Brothers.

Atlantis tried to sneak out of the Chojin Graveyard some time during the Scramble for the Throne arc, but Omegaman Dexia intercepted him and absorbed his soul.

The others came back to life during the Perfect Origin arc, but would lose their lives at the hands of the Perfect Large Numbers with the exception of Black Hole and Buffaloman, since they're Sneagator's finest students.



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