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The Seven Devil Chojin Arc (7人の悪魔超人編, Shichi-nin no Akuma Chojin-hen) is the eighth story arc in Kinnikuman.

  • Anime Episodes: 48-65


Deep in outer space, Seven Devil Chojins break free of their prison and are thirsting for chaos. Using Meat as their hostage, they demand to wrestle the Chojin Olympic champion: Kinnikuman.


Kinnikuman vs. Stecasse King

After the Seven Devil Chojin attack a Fan-Appreciation Day Event, Warsman challenges them to a fight, and Stecasse King latches onto his head with his headphone-styled feet. [1] He blasts music at 100,000 phones, which breaks Warsman's eardrums and renders him deaf and unconscious. [1] After the Seven Devil Chojin kidnap Meat, they challenge Kinnikuman to fight; he at first avoids Stecasse King, but Stecasse King starts to play music to lure Kinnikuman to him. [2] They have the first match.

The match takes place at Tokyo Tower, and Stecasse King confidently cleans his internal mechanisms on the side of the ring. He has Meat's torso hostage, and he enters the ring with a backpack, while he constantly tries to use his "Devil's Symphony" on Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman soon knocks him down with a horizontal chop, followed with a Boston Crab hold. [2] It is revealed Stecasse King has tapes of all the chojins' techniques, and he uses Warsman's techniques to gain an advantage in battle. [3]

He then switches to using Ramenman's techniques, and then later to Robin Mask's techniques. Stecasse finishes with his Devil's Symphony. [3] He blasts the music to 1,000,000 Phones, and Terryman realises that the music is coming from the radio, and the tower acts as an antenna. [4] The radio programme eventually stops, which allows Kinnikuman to use a Back-Drop. Stecasse King tries a new tape, but the tape is Kinnikuman's from the start of his career, and this means his skill is too low to fight. Kinnikuman then defeats him with a Kinniku Buster. [4]

Kinnikuman vs. Black Hole

espite initially having taken his torso, the match against Black Hole is to retrieve Meat's right arm. [5] Black Hole - after lighting a fire - realises Kinnikuman has not arrived and threatens to destroy Meat's arm, but Kinnikuman seemingly arrives in perfect health. He blocks a punch from Black Hole, which Black Hole notes is with his left hand despite being right-handed, and Black Hole also notes that his body is no longer muscular. [5]

Black Hole and his teammates reveal this is an intruder, only to beat him until he is bleeding profusely, and they show that this was Terryman. [5] The real Kinnikuman appears and challenges Black Hole to fight. [6] They fight in a Solar House Death Match at Korakuen Stadium. Kinnikuman initially thought that this was to be nice, as the Solar House made it warmer inside the ring while it was cold outside, but Black Hole's real reason was so that he could use his Shadow Travel technique. Kinnikuman begins the match with a punch, but his arm gets stuck in the hole in Black Hole's face. After a flurry of punches, Kinnikuman finally escapes, and kicks at Black Hole's chest, only to get his body stuck within the chest. [6]

Kinnikuman is soon spat out, only for Black Hole to use Shadow Travel. [6]

He uses a German Suplex upon Kinnikuman, before trapping him in a Cobra Twist. [7] He proceeds to clone his bodies and fill the ring with them, as all of them attack Kinnikuman at once, but Kinnikuman uses a Sun Muscle to dissipate the fake Black Hole clones. Kinnikuman lands a Flying Body Scissors Drop. [7] The inside of the hole on Black Hole's head then becomes a portal into space, which sucks Kinnikuman inside. [8] Kinnikuman manages to escape and breaks through the Solar Dome back into the ring. Kinnikuman smashes down on Black Hole with a Nikudan Elbow Drop, which effectively knocks out Black Hole and allows Kinnikuman to win and retrieve Meat's right arm. [8]

Wolfman vs. Springman

When Kinnikuman beats Black Hole, he cannot fight any longer and the Justice Chojin decide to fight on his behalf. [9] The remaining Seven Devil Chojin - and justice chojin - match up to find their opponents, and Springman is matched with Wolfman. [10]

He starts strong in the match, drawing blood from Springman, at Tottori Sand Dunes. [11] Due to Springman being able to bend his body, he is able to limit the effect of the blows and absorb the impact of the Palm Punches. Wolfman attempts a Body Slam, but Springman bounces around, and - after a series of attempted Body Slams - the ring hardens like steel. Springman jumps out of the ring, creating a staircase out of some nearby rocks, and use his Devil Tomboy attack. He squeezes hard enough to kill Wolfman. [11]

The final match takes places in the Denen Colosseum. [12]

Buffaloman faces Kinnikuman in a double match with Springman in a tag-team called The Diabolos. There is only one hour left of the deadline, so Kinnikuman only has one hour to save Meat. The stadium is designed as a giant countdown, with bars around the edges that move for each second, and that will destroy pieces of Meat's body at the 30 minutes and 60 minute marks. Just as Kinnikuman is about to fight alone, Mongolman appears to make it a true tag-team match and join Kinnikuman in his fight against Springman and Buffaloman. [12]

Despite it being called a tag-team match, Buffaloman's attention is focused exclusively on Kinnikuman, while Springman fights against Mongolman. [13] The Justice Chojin uses his sweat and body heat to create a rain cloud, which makes Springman rust and weaken. He is unable to bounce, and is eventually killed when Mongolman kicks him with a Leg Lariat into the timer for Meat's Leg, which electrocutes Springman and causes him to explode. [14] Mongolman defeats Springman and saves Meat's limb.

Brocken Jr. vs. Mr Khamen

After Kinnikuman is too injured to continue to fight, Brocken appears. [15]

He stands alongside Robin Mask, Warsman, and Wolfman. They declare that they will fight the remaining Devil Chojin in Kinnikuman's place. [15] The Devil Chojin pair off with the Justice Chojin, and Brocken Jr is thus assigned Mister Khamen as his opponent. [16] The match takes place in the Hokkaido Observatory, within a pyramid-like structure, and both Brocken and Mr Khamen assume their positions. [16]

Mister Khamen appears as a floating head, as he continually hides his body, and eventually bites down on Brocken's neck. [17] Brocken sacrifices the skin and muscle of his right shoulder, in order to escape from the biting hold. [18] He proceeds to use the Red Rain of Berlin to force Mister Khamen to reveal his body, due to the blood it produces. Mister Khamen counters by freezing Brocken with his eyes, followed by wrapping him and mummifying him in linens. [18]

Mister Khamen inserts a straw into the mummified Brocken, but - when he finishes drinking the life-force - it is revealed Brocken switched places with the referee. This time, Mister Khamen manages to mummify the real Brocken. [18] A mysterious figure appears in the ring to grab Brocken, and throws a smoke bomb into the ring. [19] The smoke stops outsiders from seeing inside the ring, as the mysterious figure fights Mister Khamen. Mister Khamen appears to gain the upper hand for a long while, until the mysterious figure defeats him with a Leg Lariat. Brocken breaks free from the linens and is declared winner. [19]

Terryman vs. The Mountain

The remaining Seven Devil Chojin - and justice chojin - match up to find their opponents, and The Mountain is matched with Terryman (and the Mountain possesses Meat's hips). [20] The match will take place in the Chichibu mountains. At first, it appears that Terryman is alone in the ring, but then the Mountain reveals he was disguised as one of the mountains and was there all along. [20]

They exchange a series of blows, but - while grabbing Mountain in a Spinning Toe Hold - Terryman notices one of the laces on his shoe has snapped (a bad omen in Japanese culture). [21] He later is in danger and caught on the ropes by Mountain. [22] Terry attacks with a Deadly Drive, only for another shoe-lace to snap. [23] A third lace snaps, but barely holds together, and Terryman realises that Brocken Jr. is clinging to life.

Terryman barely avoids a Body Slam. [24]

The last string of Terryman's laces snaps. [25] Terryman is heavily beaten by the Mountain, but - when Mountain insults his fallen comrades - this reinvigorates Terryman into attacking anew. Terryman cries, as he attacks Mountain, even when Mountain is touching the ropes and his actions are illegal. Terryman climbs the ropes and chances a Flying Knee Drop, but the attack causes Terry extreme pain, as it injures his prosthetic leg. The Mountain attempts a Mountain Drop, but Terryman counters with ease and stops the attack. [25]

Terryman ends the match with a Brain Buster. [26] The Mountain reveals that - although defeated - he won't die alone, and the ropes to the ring snap as he grabs at Terryman's ankle. They both fall from an extreme height, which results in The Mountain's death and Terryman's seeming demise. [26] It is revealed that - remembering his promise to Kinnukuman - Terryman clung to life and returned to reunite with his friends. [26]

Robin Mask vs. Atlantis

Robin chooses Atlantis for his opponent. [27] He fights Atlantis on a special ring on a lake in Ueno, where Atlantis surprises Robin in the ring before attacking from behind. [27] Robin starts strong, as he manages to counter Atlantis, but Atlantis ultimately dives into the waters. [28]

He follows with high speed into the lake, as he rapidly kicks at Atlantis' head, but he is eventually knocked away by a Magnum Canon. Atlantis tries to force Robin into the lake with his Magnum Canon, but the ropes stretch and Robin is able to use those to jump away. He proceeds to ride the Magnum Canon, until he lands a Drop Kick to the face. Atlantis then throws Meat's leg into the lake. This causes Robin to abandon his strategy, as he dives into the lake to save Meat's leg from harm. [28]

Atlantis follows him and proceeds to strangle him. [29]

Alisa arrives to support Robin, at which point he attempts a Pile Driver. This creates two whirlpools, as the power of Atlantis and Robin collide, and then - after several seconds of silence - Atlantis emerges from the lake with the mask of Robin Mask in his hands. It is revealed, after rescuing Meat's right leg, that he was trapped within an Atlantis Driver. Alisa clutches Robin's mask in grief, while Kinnikuman retrieves Meat's leg. [29] This is the last Robin is seen, due to his death, until later in the arc. [29]

Warsman vs. Buffaloman

Warsman decides - as they pick their opponents - that he will fight against Buffaloman. [30] The match takes place in a Denen Colosseum, where Warsman laments that he never expected to use his claws again. [30] Buffaloman attacks with a Hurricane Mixer; Warsman dodges the attack, but attacks again and injures Warsman's hip. [31] After taking out a piece of Warsman's helmet, Warsman uses his inbuilt computer to calculate his next move.

Warsman manages to get in a series of blows, but most are ineffective or easily countered. Buffaloman reveals that this is because is Chojin Power is so much higher than Warsman. [31] Buffaloman manages to destroy Warsman's Bear Claws, followed by piercing his chest with his horns. [32] Warsman uses his Friendship Power to continue to fight for a while longer. [32] They fight evenly until Warsman is too exhausted to continue and smoke billows from his body. [33] Just before defeat, Warsman is able to break Buffaloman's horn. [33]

A series of Hurricane Blows defeats Warsman, but - with his last ounce of strength - he manages to stand, but he remains unconscious and Buffaloman walks away. [34] At this point, Terryman's shoelace snaps and Kinnikuman cries out Warsman's name, as it is revealed he has died from the attack. [34]

Kinnikuman vs. Atlantis

Later Kinnikuman fights against Atlantis. [35] Atlantis begins with a Water Magnum, but Kinnikuman uses Salmon Swimming Stream to swim up the beam of water, and headbutts Atlantis in his face. Kinnikuman attempts a body-press, but the spirits of his deceased opponents hold him back: The Mountain, Stecasse King, Mr Khamen, and Black Hole. He thus can't move and lands on Atlantis knees. He tries to put Atlantis in a sleeping hold, but Black Hole cuts into his neck. Mongolman reveals that this is due to a Blood Bind, and he takes Terryman and Brocken Jr. into the spirit world to defeat the spirits. [35]

Kinnikuman is thrown into the lake by Atlantis. [35] Due to his friends defeating the spirits, Kinnikuman is able to swim upwards and jump back onto the ring. [36] Atlantis jumps into the water and covers the ring in a thick fog, which enables him to trick Kinnikuman into thinking the corner-post is him and striking his head against it in the confusion. Atlantis uses a water magnum, which destroys some of the ropes, and then hits him with a Water Ball. He follows this with a St Helen's Eruption. [36]

Kinnikuman uses his Fire of Inner Strength to escape the hold, and a Muscle Typhoon to get rid of the mist. [37] In order to avenge Robin Mask, Kinnikuman use a Tower Bridge attack on Atlantis, at which point Atlantis tosses Meat's right leg into the leg. Kinnikuman jumps in to save the leg, as Atlantis follows, but uses a U-Boat technique against him. [37] Buffaloman convince Kinnikuman to finish using his Kinniku Buster, which breaks Atlantis' back, neck, and hip-bones. [38] This defeats At;antis and allows Kinnikuman to retrieve the leg. [38]

Kinnikuman vs. Buffaloman

Buffaloman faced Kinnikuman in a double match with Springman in the final match of the story arc. Despite it being called a tag-team match, Buffaloman's attention was focused exclusively on Kinnikuman while Springman fought and lost to Mongolman. Buffaloman was an extremely tough opponent, using his power to reverse Kinnikuman's trademark finishing move, the Kinniku Buster, but lost control of his power when he absorbed Kinnikuman's Fire of Inner Strength.

Because of the respect Kinnikuman showed him even though they were mortal enemies, Buffaloman changed sides at the end of the match and vowed to join the Justice Chojin if he survived Satan's punishment for defeat. He was fatally injured by Satan, but before he died gave up his Chojin Power, bought with the blood of other heroes, to bring Warsman, Robin Mask and Wolfman, who had died fighting his teammates, back to life.

New Characters


  • Kinnikuman vs. SteCase King
  • Kinnikuman vs. Black Hole
  • Wolfman vs. Springman
  • Brocken Jr. vs. Mr. Khamen
  • Terryman vs. The Mountain
  • Robin Mask vs. Atlantis
  • Warsman vs. Buffaloman
  • Mongolman vs. Mr. Khamen
  • Kinnikuman vs. Atlantis
  • Kinnikuman vs. Buffaloman and Springman
  • Kinnikuman and Mongolman vs. Buffaloman and Springman
  • Kinnikuman vs. Buffaloman


  • The final episodes of this arc advertise the Kinnikuman Robo Wrestler (ロボレスラー) toys


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