Sheik Seijin
  • Name: Sheikian (シーク星人 Sheik Seijin)
  • Classification: Kaijū
  • Homeland: Planet Sheik
  • First Appearance: Manga Chapter 1, Anime Episode 1B
  • Seiyu: Koji Totani
A Kaiju parody of Ed "The Sheik" Farhat who first appears in the first serialized chapter as one of the invading aliens. He later reappears and attacks Tokyo, prompting Kinnikuman to go off and fight him despite not being Japan's official hero anymore. This in turn prompts Terryman to quit his mercenary ways and fight purely for the sake of justice. He bears the same name as a character who appears during the American Tour Arc, but it is unknown whether or not they are connected in any way.
In the anime he is seen riding a Tauntaun.