A member of the Barbeque Clan and arranged fiance of Bibimbap. He is named after a Shish kebab.


Son of the Barbeque Clan chief Shamikeba Boo and the arranged fiancé of Bibimba, much to her displeasure. He was supposed to kill Kinnikuman for Bibimba's hand but realised that Bibimba was really in love with Kinnikuman and he had no chance with her so he basically just walked away. Named after Shish kebab.


Shishkeba first appears at a dinner-date. [1]

He is introduced to Bibimba, by Horumon Yaki, and tries to woo her with polite talk and a kiss to the hand. He is described as a highly regarded chojin, although Bibimba is not impressed by his credentials or personality, and he is manipulated by Horumon to defeat Kinnikuman to defend the honour of Bibimba. It is revealed that he shall be given Bibimba to marry, if he can defeat Kinnikuman. [1]

Just as Kinnikuman tries to make his escape, Shiskeba arrives to stop him. Kinnikuman mocks his appearance, but agrees to fight him in a series of challenges. The first challenge is a speed-eating contest, which he wins. The second challenge is to create a tower, but - after Kinnikuman cheats - they both descend into a fist-fight. They are evenly matched, using the same techniques, but Shiskeba is able to knock him unconscious. [1]

Just as he's about to kill Kinnikuman, Bibimba intervenes and says he must kill her, too, and reveals that he has been manipulated by her father. Bibimba confesses it's a one-sided love, and Shiskeba allows them to return to Earth together and be together. [1]

Career Information

  • Chojin Carnival Champion
Win/Loss Record




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