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Shiva (シバ Shiba) is Asuraman's son.


Shiva was training to be a Seigi Chojin like his father, but when he discovered Asuraman's evil past, his demon blood takes hold of him. He later kills his mother causing Asuraman to kill him and, as a result, return to his demon ways and team up with General Terror.


It is revealed that - after the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc - that Asuraman married Ivonne, and that between them they bore a son named Shiva. [1] Asuraman is shown to be a doting father, as he trains his son about mind over matter, and that they trained together as a family. [1] We see that Shiva grew to be a ruthless fighter, even attacking unconscious opponents, much to Asuraman's dismay. [2] Shiva later uncovered blood-soaked items, kept by Asuraman to remember his past as an akuma chojin, and becomes fascinated with the concept of evil. [3] When Shiva seems to neglect his training, Asuraman goes into his room and uncovers dismembered insects and dead poultry bleeding in his closet. [4]

We then see that Shiva murdered Ivonne. [5] Shiva feigns regret, but blames Asuraman for the evil blood that courses through his veins and uses this as the reason for his murder of his mother. [6] Asuraman then kills his son, in his grief and desire for retribution. [7]


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