An Akugyo Chojin based on the design of a shark.


A d.M.p Akugyo Chojin based on the hammerhead shark. He sneaks into and hides in Kinniku House in order to defeat Mantaro Kinniku, but he blows his own cover when he breaks up a fight between Mantaro and Terry the Kid and is ultimately defeated by their M&K Connection tag technique. Despite his fearsome appearance, he has a softer side.


Shumokun hides in Mantaro's home. [2]

He hears rumours that Terry the Kid and Kinniku Mantaro are to begin training in Beverly Park, where he hides inside a locker and waits to make his attack. He sneaked inside the previous night, and hopes to make a name by defeating two of the most important Justice Chojin. When Kid throws a jaw of mucus, it accidentally hits the locker and falls on Shumokun. [2]

Kid later tries to hit Mantaro with a dumbbell, but misses and also hits the locker with Shumokun inside. This angers Shumokun, but he remains patient until Kid and Mantaro start to argue among themselves and break free of the house to fight outside. He mediates their disagreement successfully, but - on revealing he is an Evil Chojin - they attack him in unison and defeat him with a Max Connection. Shumokun regrets his decision to have broken in the house, as he lies injured on the floor. [2]


Conflict Arbitration (ケンカの仲裁)

  • Tries to mediate his opponents' arguments

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Singles)


  • Shumoku-zame (撞木鮫) is Japanese for hammerhead shark


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