Skyman is a Mexican Luchador.


Skyman fought and lost to Terryman in the first round of the 20th Olympics.


Skyman is first introduced during the 20th Chojin Olympics match-up lottery, as one of the eight finalists. [1] He is paired against Terryman in the A Block, and is described as having excellent aerial karate skills. [1] The fight takes place in Korakuen Stadium, with Robin Mask as one of the special commentators for the match. [2] He tosses his cover-mask into the crowd, where Kazuo Nakano receives it and keeps it as a souvenir.

Skyman starts the match with a drop-kick, before attempting a flying body-slam, but Terryman counters with a Deadly Drive. Skyman then breaks out of a Back-Drop, and attacks with a somersault kick. Skyman eventually traps Terryman in a hold that leads to him starting to lose consciousness, but breaks the hold to deliver a Flying Cross Chop, and then uses his trademark technique: The Flying Torpedo. Terryman appears down for the count. [2]

When Specialman comes to cheer on Terryman, he is reinvigorated and uses an aerial Oklahoma Stampede against Skyman. Skyman is defeataed. [3]


Drop Kick

Somersault Kick

Flying Cross Chop

The Flying Torpedo

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Singles)




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