Sneagator (スニゲーター) is a character from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman.


Sneagator was another of the Akuma Knights. He had the ability to shape-shift into any form ranging from a claw to a snake to a shoe. Generally, his form was reptilian, and wore sneakers, or had laces somewhere on it. The only exception to this was his last form, the Claw form. He faced Kinnikuman and was smashed into the mat in the end. His original form was the foot of a T-Rex. He makes two more brief appearances near the end of the series, one escaping from Hell and being apprehended by Omegaman, and another at the very end, inexplicably revived and cheering on Kinnikuman after his Face Flash.

His grandson is Maxman, one of the villains in Kinnikuman Nisei.


Kinnikuman Sneagator

He was the first opponent that Kinnikuman fought in the golden mask arc. Sneagator's techniques nearly defeated Kinnikuman, until the silver mask helped Kinnikuman with some advice. Kinnikuman manages to beat Sneagator with a body slam. Sneagator had the last laugh, though, as he'd poisoned Kinnikuman during the match, and Suguru succumbed soon after.


Wani Jigoku (ワニ地獄, Crocodile Hell)
  • Crocodile Tail (クロコダイルテイル)
  • Turtle Kill Shell (タートル・キル・シェル)
  • Bite (噛み付き, Kamitsuki)
  • Frill-necked Cutter (エリマキカッター Erimaki Cutter)
  • Hellish Frill-necked Reverse Fan (地獄のエリマキ逆扇風機 Jigoku no Erimaki Gyaku Senpūki)
  • Sneagator Camouflage Magic (スニゲーター姿隠しマジック Sneagator Sugata Kakushi Magic)
  • Hell's Spacewalk (地獄の宇宙遊泳 Jigoku no Uchū Yūei)
  • Tyranno Hand (地獄の封印 Hell's Seal)
  • Dinosaur Foot Nail Claw (ダイナソーフットネイル・クロー)

Career Information

Kin Sneagator 2
  • Africa's Strongest Chojin League Championship Winner ('81)
  • One of the Six Devil Knights
  • Molting Chojin (脱皮超人, Dappi Chōjin)
Win/Loss record


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