Springman (スプリングマン) is an Devil Chojin in Kinnikuman. 


Springman is an ancient chojin that forms a part of the Seven Devil Chojin, and is seen initially fighting against Wolfman, whom he kills and easily defeats. He later forms a tag-team with Buffaloman, but is eventually killed by Mongolman. Springman is one of many chojin to be resurrected over the course of the manga, and also briefly features in Kinnikuman Nisei. It is seen he is still friends with Buffaloman, while his appearance is mildly altered with glasses to help with his eyesight.


As a Devil Chojin, he shows no mercy towards his opponent. He kills Wolfman by squeezing him into pieces with his Devil Slinky attack. He and Buffaloman praise Black Hole's pragmatic actions against Jack Tea and state he's staying true to his nature as a Devil Chojin.


He's close to Buffaloman and Stecasse King. He even formed a tag team with Buffaloman, Diabolos, during the Seven Devil Chojin arc. When Stecasse King got murdered by Turboman, he wanted to avenge his buddy.

Despite being his students, Sneagator thinks of Springman and Stecasse King as pathetic toys. Springman and Stecasse King could never be Devil Chojin.


Springman is a spring Chojin, able to bounce around places with ease. He can also constrict his opponents to death like a snake.



Seven Devil Chojin Arc

During the celebrations for the 21st Chojin Olympics: The Big Fight, the Seven Devil Chojin are accidentally freed by Kinnikuman. [2] They kidnap Alexandria Meat during the festivities, and each take a body part, and declare that Kinnikuman must defeat each of them to retrieve a part and bring Meat back to life. [3] When Kinnikuman beats Black Hole, he cannot fight any longer and the Justice Chojin decide to fight on his behalf. [4] The remaining Seven Devil Chojin - and justice chojin - match up to find their opponents, and Springman is matched with Wolfman. [5]

He starts strong in the match, drawing blood from Springman, at Tottori Sand Dunes. [6] Due to Springman being able to bend his body, he is able to limit the effect of the blows and absorb the impact of the Palm Punches. Wolfman attempts a Body Slam, but Springman bounces around, and - after a series of attempted Body Slams - the ring hardens like steel. Springman jumps out of the ring, creating a staircase out of some nearby rocks, and use his Devil Tomboy attack. He squeezes hard enough to kill Wolfman. [6]

The final match takes places in the Denen Colosseum. [7]

Buffaloman faces Kinnikuman in a double match with Springman in a tag-team called The Diabolos. There is only one hour left of the deadline, so Kinnikuman only has one hour to save Meat. The stadium is designed as a giant countdown, with bars around the edges that move for each second, and that will destroy pieces of Meat's body at the 30 minutes and 60 minute marks. Just as Kinnikuman is about to fight alone, Mongolman appears to make it a true tag-team match and join Kinnikuman in his fight against Springman and Buffaloman. [7]

Despite it being called a tag-team match, Buffaloman's attention is focused exclusively on Kinnikuman, while Springman fights against Mongolman. [8] The Justice Chojin uses his sweat and body heat to create a rain cloud, which makes Springman rust and weaken. He is unable to bounce, and is eventually killed when Mongolman kicks him with a Leg Lariat into the timer for Meat's Leg, which electrocutes Springman and causes him to explode. [9] Mongolman defeats Springman and saves Meat's limb.

Kinnikuman (2011)

Perfect Origin Arc


7 years later, Springman returns along with the rest of the Devil Chojin with the goal of purging the Perfect Chojin Large Numbers, only getting to see action at the Step Pyramid as the opponent he wanted to fight, Peek-a-Boo, was fighting Kinnikuman.

Diabolos vs. John Does

Grim Reaper and Turboman enter with the New Large Numbers. [10]

Grim Reaper reveals the next location - of the second-stage of the tournament - will be the Saqqara Pyramid, which has been relocated to Japan's Tottori Dunes. [11] He and Turboman form a large gun, along with the other New Large Numbers, and shoot over to the pyramid. [12] The Grim Reaper lands on the third step, while Turboman takes the fourth step. [12] The Justice Chojin follow them to the mountain, and Buffaloman is assigned against Turboman, who attacks him with a drop-kick before he can enter the ring. [13]

He then drags Buffaloman into the ring with a Turboman Stunner. [13] Turboman punches Buffaloman while he's down, until Buffaloman counters with a headbutt and proceeds to use a back-drop. [14] It is then that Springman arrives on the fourth step to fight the Grim Reaper. [15] Grim Reaper begin the match with a Buzzsaw Hat, which cuts Springman's leg as he enters the ring with a jump. [16]

Grim Reaper throws Springman against the corner-post, but the post goes through Springman's hollow body and allows him to remain unharmed, and a Spring-Body Breaking-Squeeze breaks the corner-post. A Spring Transfer allows him to distract Grim Reaper, whereby he land a drop-kick to the face. [16] While Turboman and Grim Reaper, struggle in their matches and appear to be losing, Jak Tea fights against Black Hole and creates a strong geyser before he dies. [17] This creates a crack along the pyramid. [18]

Turboman frees himself from Buffaloman with a Somersault Kick. He tries a body-press, but Buffaloman catches him and counters with a back-flip. The fifth step finally collapses from the cracks and descends into the fourth step, where the two single matches combine into one tag-match. Turboman gets Buffaloman into a tombstone pile-driver, but - as he prepares for another attack - Springman and Buffaloman combine to use a Chojin Dodgeball. [18] Springman is chastised for attacking Turboman, who was not his original opponent, as the match rules must abide by those of a single-match (due to the unusual circumstances). [19]

The two teams agree to form a tag-team match with tag-team rules.

Springman lunges at Turboman, who uses a lariat and a Starter Revolver, but gets his arm caught inside Springma, who retaliates with a Spring Cyclone. [19] Springman proceeds to use a Killer-Coil Head Attack. [20] A second attempt at the attack is deflected by Turboman's a back-kick. It nearly knocks Springman out of the ring, until Buffaloman catches him. Turboman charges with a flying-cross, but the Diabolos counter again with a Devil Expander. Buffaloman then bounces off Springman to kick Turboman, who proceeds with a series of blows. Turboman uses a Glove Revolver and a Turbine Chop. [20]

Buffaloman and Turboman return to their corners, and Turboman tags in Grim Reaper, who spins around on Turboman's head and delivers an Ignition Dress to Buffaloman. [20] They proceed to use a John Does Arrow. [21] The Diabolos try another Devil Expander, but Turboman dives through Springman and knocks Buffaloman out of the ring, before hitting him again with another John Does Arrows. A High-Capacity John Does Arrow sends Turboman towards Buffaloman, who manages to catch him and slams him against the wall, which causes the wall to crumble into the shape of a flight of stairs. [21]

This allows Springman to use a Devil Slinky. [22] He uses a Spring Body-Breaking Squeeze, which causes Turboman's body to start to glow, as Turboman stores the energy of his opponents. Turboman uses a High-Speed Turbo-Crash, as their two attacks seem to create a stalemate, but soon the release of Turboman's energy causes Springman to harden. He proceeds to stab Springman in his face with Revolver Spikes, and a Revolver Fin causes Springman's body to crash into Buffaloman. [22]

Springman finds strength to lift Buffaloman, despite his weakened state. [22] The Diabolos attempt a Long Horn Train, but - when it only glances off Turboman - follow with a Most Super Express. [23] They follow with a third attack, which against glances off Turboman, but Turboman finds strength to use a Revolver Stud while Springman starts to crumble away. Springman uses all his strength to throw Buffaloman into a Hurricane Mixer, and Buffaloman's horns break through Turboman's Revolver attack and pierce his chest. This leads to Turboman's death, followed by Springman dying within Buffaloman's arms. [23]

Kinnikuman Nisei

Demon Seed Arc

Springman first appears with Buffaloman. [24]

We see that he visited Buffaloman in hospital, after his battle with The Constellation, and that his eyesight has deteriorated enough over time that he now requires glasses. He begs Buffaloman to rest, but Buffaloman begs him to help him reach Osore Mountain where the Mantaro Kinniku vs. Asuraman match takes place. Springman agrees to lead him to the match. [24] They eventually reach the mountain. [25] Springman stays at Buffaloman's side, as Buffaloman reveals that Asuraman killed his own son.

He stays to watch the match as it proceeds. [26]


Devil Slinky (デビル・トムボーイ Debiru Tomubōi)

  • Spiral Dismemberment Squeeze (螺旋解体絞り Rasen Kaitai Shibori)
  • Spring Knife (スプリングナイフ)

Jumping Muscle Crush (ジャンピングマッスルクラッシュ) - Anime-only technique

Machine Gun Kick (マシンガンキック)

Spring Transfer (スプリングトランスファー)

Spring Cyclone (スプリングサイクロン)

Killer Coil Head Attack (キラーコイルヘッドアタック)

Career Record

  • One of the 7 Devil Chojin
Win/Loss Record (Singles)

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

Diabolos (Buffaloman)


  • Springman was mentioned off-hand by Masahiro Sakurai during the Min Min reveal trailer since he shares the same name as a character from ARMS.



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