Stray Devil Chōjin Combo (はぐれ悪魔超人コンビ, Hagure Akuma Chōjin Konbi) is a tag team made up of Asuraman and Sunshine.


Asuraman and Sunshine first form a tag-team within the Dream Chojin Tag Arc, after having fought within the same team - albeit separately - in the previous arc. They are both Devil Chojin and use their powers in an attempt to thwart the Justice Chojin and steal their Friendship Power.


Asuraman, as a part of the Stray Akuma Chojin Combo with Sunshine, takes part in the Dream Chojin Tag Arc . The two demons, last survivors of the Golden Mask Arc  concoct a plan to steal the Friendship Power of the Justice Chojin by using some cursed dolls. They manage to steal the very emotion of friendship among the Justice Chojin, greatly weakening them, as a Justice Chojin can't fight without friendship in his heart.

As such, Asuraman and Sunshine are able to beat effortlessly the Big Bombers and the New Machineguns, in the process turning the former friends Kinnikuman and Terryman against each other.

During the fight against the New Machineguns Sunshine begins to believe in the power of friendship, Asuraman keeps holding to his ideal as an uncaring, evil fiend, and by observing how the attempts made by Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Great to save Geronimo and Terryman ended up in their cursed doll being broken, he claims the breaks are parts of a prophecy, and uses Sunshine's Cursed Roller to injure his foes where the dolls were broken: Geronimo ends up with a badly shattered right arm, and Terryman is forced to surrender his Star Emblems, or get Geronimo killed and himself decapitated.

The prophecy comes to pass in a roundabout way: Prince Kamehame, the former Kinnikuman Great, succumbs because of the strain of helping the New Machineguns and decapitates Terryman, giving him the Kinnikuman Great to allow him fight with Kinnikuman even if he lacks the Star Emblems and Kinnikuman now despises him.

During the fight between the Muscle Brothers and the Stray Akuma Chojin Combo Asuraman is exposed to the Friendship power: Asuraman witnesses Kinnikuman and Terryman starting to mend their friendship, and sees Sunshine caring for him and even apologising when the Cursed Roller ends up tearing off his right arms. Asuraman tries to still act cold and uncaring, but when Prince Kamehame's arm, who used as a replacement, rebels to his will and leads to his defeat, starts believing in Friendship too, sharing with Sunshine the memories of Samson Teacher

He's then taken back to his kingdom to be healed, but escapes, still bandaged, to restore Terryman's Star Emblem and ask Harabote Muscle to reinstate The Machineguns as a team and allow them to fight together against the Hell Missionaries.



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