Chojin Enma is ruler of the Chojin Graveyard and he will dispatch Omegaman Dexia to capture any Chojin that escape from the Graveyard. Under the identity of Strong the Budo, he leads the Perfect Large Numbers. His costume is nearly identical to Big the Budo. His true identity is The Man, the founder of the Perfect Chojin from ages past.


Strong The Budo was initially a Chojin God called the Merciful God. He was the only Chojin God opposed to the plan of wiping out all chojin, after the first ones they created started senselessly killing each other. He believed there could be "True Chojin" with true talent, and they would not take part in the bloodshed (that could wipe them out undeservedly). He also believed that a god cannot make flawed creations. He even volunteered to give up his godhood and become a chojin himself, so that he could find the Chojin Gods; they gave him seven days to gather these chojin, so they could be spared from the Capilaria Rays that would wipe out all other chojin. These chojin would turn out to be the Perfect Origin.

He trained his Perfect Origin, as time went on, and overlooked the chojin World. He also periodically lead purges on any chojin killing others unjustly, with the first purge being at Unforgiven Yggdrasil. Over time, he grew paranoid about his own Perfect Origin becoming tainted and imperfect (from contact with Inferior Chojin), as such he erases any trace of the Perfect Origin on the surface. He also has Mont Sont Parfait and the Chojin Graveyard constructed, so that he can still control chojin behind the scenes, while also keeping his own Perfect Origin free from imperfect influence.

This paranoia over his Origin becoming imperfect led to chojin genocides, and the hubris he had acquired from being unbeatable culminated in him planning to exterminate all inferior Chojin who had the Fire of Inner Strength. He planned to do this by using the Three Chojin Factions Peace Treaty as a pretext for conflict. This conflict spans the entire Perfect Origin Arc and ends in Budo losing to General Devil, as well as being forced to abolish immortality among Perfect Chojin. He is also be locked away in the Chojin Graveyard until the day he dies.



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Kinnikuman (2011)

Perfect Origin Arc


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Strong the Budo vs. General Devil

General Devil faces Strong the Budo at the Ayer's Rock in Australia. [1]

Strong the Budo summons forth a ring from the rocks. [1] It also creates bleachers and a television screen, at which point Strong the Budo throws his sword to where the highest point of the rock would have stood. [2] The match will begin when the sun rises above the sword. This allows Peek-a-Boo, Nemesis and Neptuneman to reach the ring in time, and this is followed by Buffaloman and Sunshine.

Kinnikuman and Meat follow afterwards, where they find the bleachers filled with spectators. Strong the Budo reveals that he once trained General Devil, and the results of the match will determine whose ideals should govern the chojin world: Devil Chojin or Perfect Chojin. Harabote Muscle and Knock arrives to referee. [2]

General Devil and Strong the Budo rush towards each other. [3] General Devil starts with the upper-hand, as he lands a barrage of blows, before slamming him into the canvas. He slams Strong the Budo's head into the stone ring, but Strong the Budo is able to counter with his legs alone. General Devil uses the ropes to counter with a kick, but Strong the Budo uses a Lariat, which enables General Devil to use a corner-post to use a Body Press, only to be countered in turn with a back-flip. The two exchange various attacks. [3]

Strong the Budo appears to finally gain an advantage, stating that his pupil could never surpass him, but General Devil counters once more, but a shoulder-tackle knocks General Devil down at the corner of the ring. [4] General Devil regains his composure and uses a Canadian Destroyer, before using a Daisetsuzan Drop. This is following by a Double Arm-Spin Assault. General Devil attempts a Nine Point Seal, but Strong the Budo deflects it and break free. He proceeds to use a Double Knee Crusher. [4]

After being downed, Strong the Budo starts to absorb General Devil's Chojin Power. [4] Meat reveals that Strong the Budo is seeking to turn General Devil into a human. [5] Strong the Budo uses a Chojin Compressor, but General Devil breaks free and uses a Hell's Guillotine. This is broken by a Hell Neck-Breaker Chop, but General Devil survives the move by using Diamond Hardness. [5]

General Devil goes on to use his Diamond Sword technique. [6] He lands two cuts on Strong the Budo's abdomen, and follows with a Hellish Merry-go-Round, but Strong the Budo stops him by taking a hold of both his swords in his bare hands. Strong the Budo also uses his Chojin Hardness, before raising it to Diamond Level. He follows this with a Flawless Lock-Up Hold. General Devil counters by changing his Hardness Level to Zero, and escapes with a Soft Body. [6] Strong the Budo uses a Budo Rock Crush Claw. [7]

General Devil escapes the move and uses a Skull Crush. In desperation, Strong the Budo bashes his head - with General Devil still around it - against the corner-post. This shakes General Devil loose. Strong the Budo uses a Helmet Breaker, and uses Army Decimate Slam, as both men turn to Diamond Level Hardness. [7][8] This triggers the countdown, as General Devil is downed on the canvas. [8]

He rises on the count of seven, and Strong the Budo tries to steal his power again. [8] General Devil is powered by the desire to overcome his old mentor, something akin to Friendship Power, and seeks to surpass him by finding a Hardness Level beyond Diamond. [9] He changes to Hardness Level 10: Sharp. [9] This is followed by a Lonsdaleite Power. [10] This power allows General Devil to defend against Strong the Budo and cause him damage, despite his own Diamond Power, and General Devil uses a General Discs.

This is followed by a Lonsdaleite Clothesline, which breaks through the diamonds on Strong the Budo. [10] The two exchange a series of blows, until General Devil attempts another Lonsdaleite Clothesline, but Strong the Budo manages to block the attack. [11] General Devil lights up the skies with Lonsdaleite Power, as Strong the Budo uses an Army Decimate Power. The move destroys Strong the Budo's knee, while the Lonsdaleite Power protects General Devil. General Devil continues with a double-arm spin. [11]

General Devil uses his Lonsdaleite Power again to create a new hold. [12] He uses a New Hell's Guillotine, also known as the God's Guillotine, and this destroys Strong the Budo's disguise, revealing his original form as The Man. [12] Strong the Budo congratulates General Devil, before being down for the count. [13] General Devil attempts to kill Strong the Budo in his victory, but Kinnikuman stops him. [13]

Kinnikuman argues that both men have learned the ideals of Justice Chojin, and General Devil killing Strong the Budo - and then himself - would make Psychoman's sacrifice be in vain. [14] He then threatens to fight General Devil, if General Devil continues on his current path. In exchange for saving Strong the Budo's life, General Devil sets down two conditions:

  1. Strong the Budo must never leave the Chojin Graveyard,
  2. The Graveyard must abolish the granting of eternal life to chojin. [14]

General Devil leaves with Buffaloman and Sunshine, but warns Kinnikuman that a Devil Chojin will always break their promise, and not to trust the peace treaty. [15] Strong the Budo also leaves, but warns that he will continue his quest to destroy all chojin should Kinnikuman and the others ever pose a threat. He proceeds to leave with Nemesis and the other Perfect Chojin that have survived. [15]

True Devil Chojin Arc

In the Six Spears arc, The Man is locked within his base like the Justice Chojin and Devil Chojin by Satan.

Pirateman reveals that Strong the Budo and the other Perfect Origin slaughtered countless ancient Chojin until the Six Spears' ancestors were forced to flee to the Omega Centauri system. On top of that, Omegaman Aristera revealed that The Man was also indirectly responsible for the fall of Oda Nobunaga's reign by influencing Akechi Mitsuhide and giving him the right advice.

When Justiceman invited Justice Chojin and the Six Spears of Omega Centauri into the chambers of Chojin Enma, The Man explains the origin of the ancestors of the Omega Centauri chojin. According to The Man, these ancestors wanted to become gods, even mastering Magnet Power to further their might. However, they would be punished for having such radical thoughts.

In fact, there was a divide between the Chojin Gods: one that wanted to keep Chojin alive and one that wanted them all dead. The Man headed the faction that wanted them alive, while the God of Harmony led the faction that wanted them all dead.

Anime Changes

In the anime version of Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne, Chojin Enma is the evil mastermind controlling the Five Chojin Gods. He later combines with Kinnikuman Super Phoenix, but is eventually sealed away in Kinnikuman's cape.

Career Record

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  • Laugh: Guroro (グロロ~)
  • Submitted by: Kazuya Mitani (三谷和弥) of Aichi (Strong the Budo), Seiji Tanaka (田中青志) of Miyagi (The Man)


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