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Sunshine (サンシャイン) is a key antagonist towards Kinnikuman. He is the leader of the Six Devil Knights. Years later, in Kinnikuman Nisei, he became one of the key members of the d.M.p, and he is the mentor ofCheck Mate and Rex King.


Sunshine worked alongside chojin like Ashuraman, as he worked alongside major antagonists in the series, and was eventually absorbed by General Devil. He later planned to steal the Friendship Power of the Justice Chojin, but was defeated in the Tag Tournament.

After this, he retired from wrestling and was not seen again until Kinnikuman Nisei, in which he trains Check Mate and Rex King, and eventually comes to respect the Justice Chojin on his defeat. It is at this point he explodes the dMp base and eradicates all evil chojin, except for one that miraculously survives named Scarface. He is very rarely seen again within the anime or manga.



Sunshine has a strong loyalty to his fellow Devil Knights, but his strongest relationship lies with his friend Ashuraman as he formed a tag team during the Dream Tag Tournament arc. Before Ashuraman's match against the Blood Evolutions in Nisei, Sunshine wants to be his tag partner, but Ashuraman refuses.


After finding and spending some time with Rollerman in the Arabian Desert, they become very close, to the point of doing the same routine the same way day after day. Their bond became so strong that Sunshine travels to a near twon to rescue Rollerman from some Justice Chojin that were plaining on execute him.

Check Mate

Checkmate has a close relationship with Sunshine, who acts as a father-figure to him and a coach. Sunshine unofficially adopts Checkmate during Checkmate's youth, rescuing him from a life on the streets, and delivers strict training to help him become a Brutal Chojin capable of fighting in matches. Sunshine is willing to risk his life to save Checkmate, before taking him to teach him to be a better chojin, after his breakdown. They later meet again during the Demon Seed Arc, where they appear civil and on friendly terms, despite their worldviews now having diverged.


Sunshine has the ability to manipulate and shapeshift into sand. He can also fuse with his fellow Devil Knights to become General Devil's body.



Golden Mask Arc

Sunshine appeared as one of the Devil Knights, a group of Devil Chojin who had supposedly stolen the Golden Mask, a sacred relic on Planet Kinniku that was once the head of a god. He fought Geronimo during the Five Story Ring battle within Warsman's unconscious body.

A five-tier ring appears, with each ring holding a different opponent. [2] Geronimo fends off The Ninja on the fourth floor, while Kinnikuman climbs the spine to reach the top ring. [2] The Ninja switches places with Sunshine, forcing Geronimo to compete against him. [3] At one point, he skewers the mat with his tomahawks so that Terry - in the ring below - could grab a hold of something during Asuraman’s Asura Buster. [4]

In his fight with Sunshine, he started off hitting Sunshine with a fury of Tomahawk Chops. [5]

Geronimo lands a Flying Boy Press, but Sunshine counters by bending his legs. Sunshine uses his Sand Hell techniques on Geronimo, and Geronimo uses a Tomahawk Tornado to sweep away the sand. [5] After being pressed into the mat by Sunshine, Geronimo attempts another Tomahawk Chop, but the damage done to Sunshine is undone by his regeneration abilities. [6] The sweat from Geronimo is also absorbed into Sunshine and makes his sand weigh even heavier, as he crushes Geronimo from above.

Sunshine prepares for a Back-Drop, and Geronimo breaks his hip attempting to counter with a Flying Maier. Geronimo tries a Guillotine Drop, but Sunshine stops him with a Giant Swing, and Geronimo manages to stop Sunshine with a headbutt, but sustains great damage in the process. Geronimo believes he has won when he chops Sunshine in half, but instead he found himself trapped inside Sunshine. [6]

After forcing his way out of Sunshine's body, Sunshine begins to use his most brutal Sand Hell techniques. [7] He uses a Canadian Back-Breaker, while Geronimo counters with a Reverse Suplex, and Sunshine attempts a Mexican Stretch. Geronimo uses a Toe-Kick to shatter Sunshine's body into multiple pieces, and Sunshine uses a Hell's Pyramid. [7] Being severely injured - after having his gut stabbed by Sunshine’s Hell’s Pyramid technique - causes Terryman to realise that Geronimo is human. [7]

Geronimo uses a Brain Buster, despite the pyramid piercing his heart. [8]

Sunshine rebuilds himself with his Hell Arc de Triumphe. Geronimo smashes Sunshine again, but Sunshine uses a sun-styled key to enter his sun-mark upon his chest, and this regenerates him. Geronimo keeps fighting and eventually grabs Sunshine's chest, where he removes the key that controls the Sand Hell techniques. As the key hits the canvas, Sunshine grabs his head and screams, causing Geronimo to realise that Sunshine’s weakness is loud noises. He used his trademark Apache War Cry. [8]

This reduces Sunshine to dust, but - before Geronimo can finish - his heart stops. [9] He remembers the bravery of the chojin who saved him and his sister, and he then sticks his hand into his chest and massages his heart. He finishes off Sunshine with the Apache War Cry. [9]

Like the other Devil Knights, he was absorbed by Akuma Shogun before the fight with Kinnikuman.

Dream Chojin Tag Arc

Asuraman, as a part of the Stray Devil Chojin Combo with Sunshine, takes part in the Dream Chojin Tag Arc. The two demons, last survivors of the Golden Mask Arc concoct a plan to steal the Friendship Power of the Justice Chojin by using some cursed dolls. They manage to steal the very emotion of friendship among the Justice Chojin, greatly weakening them, as a Justice Chojin can't fight without friendship in his heart.

As such, Ahuraman and Sunshine are able to beat effortlessly the Big Bombers and the New Machineguns, in the process turning the former friends Kinnikuman and Terryman against each other.

During the fight against the New Machineguns, Sunshine begins to believe in the power of friendship, Ashuraman keeps holding to his ideal as an uncaring, evil fiend, and by observing how the attempts made by Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Great to save Geronimo and Terryman ended up in their cursed doll being broken, he claims the breaks are parts of a prophecy, and uses Sunshine's Cursed Roller to injure his foes where the dolls were broken: Geronimo ends up with a badly shattered right arm, and Terryman is forced to surrender his Star Emblems, or get Geronimo killed and himself decapitated.

The prophecy comes to pass in a roundabout way: Prince Kamehame, the former Kinnikuman Great, succumbs because of the strain of helping the New Machineguns and decapitates Terryman, giving him the Kinnikuman Great to allow him fight with Kinnikuman even if he lacks the Star Emblems and Kinnikuman now despises him.

During the fight between the Muscle Brothers and the Stray Akuma Chojin Combo, Asuraman is exposed to the Friendship power: Asuraman witnesses Kinnikuman and Terryman starting to mend their friendship, and sees Sunshine caring for him and even apologising when the Cursed Roller ends up tearing off his right arms. Asuraman tries to still act cold and uncaring, but when Prince Kamehame's arm, who used as a replacement, rebels to his will and leads to his defeat, starts believing in Friendship too, sharing with Sunshine the memories of Samson Teacher

He's then taken back to his kingdom to be healed, but escapes, still bandaged, to restore Terryman's Star Emblem and ask Harabote Muscle to reinstate The Machineguns as a team and allow them to fight together against the Hell Missionaries.

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne

Sunshine would later appear during the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc as one of the Chojins The Omegaman captured, killed, and therefore could now transform into.

Deep of Muscles 12

After his humiliating defeat at Geronimo's hands, and the defeat of General Devil, he and Ashuraman decide to get revenge on the Idol Chojin, stealing their friendship after hearing about the tag torunament that was going to happen. Then, in order to overcome his defeat at the hands of a human, Sunshine decides to travel across the world, to train from zero. After part away from Ashuraman, he arribe to the Arabian Desert, were, after trying to find some water for his thirsty mouth, he came across a peculiar chojin with a roller in his chest, and saw him killing and sqeezing the liquid out of those chojin.

Sunshine fights him, and after a quick match, the chojin known as Rollerman gave Sunshine a glass of water, and then Sunshine explains him about what is he doing in the desert, and what that he wants to learn Rollerman technique. Rollerman acceps, and the two of them start living together in the desert. Sunshine realie that learning the technique will take more than he spected, but one day, he finds that Rollerman has been kidnapped by a vigilante corp of a near by town, so he went there, in rage.

After destroying the vigilante corp, he challenge their boss, and suddenly, Rollerman throw him his rollers, which Sunshine absorb, and use them against their leader, squeezing all his liquid, killing him. But Rollerman was beyond salvation, and dies at Sunshine's arms. After parting from the Arabian Desert, he return in time to participate in the tag tournament, were he finds his partner, Ashuraman, and show him his new technique. But while showing the rollers, a tear fell from one of Sunshine eyes, and Ashuraman asked him why did that happened, so Sunshine anwser him that it was because the Arabian sand that was stuck in his eye...

Kinnikuman (2011)

Perfect Origin Arc


General Devil proceeds to rotate the Forbidden Mortar backwards, connecting the surface world to the Chojin Graveyard. To General Devil, life and death of a Chojin should only belong to themselves and the Perfect Chojin controlling that is a grave mistake. The Perfect Chojin have grown arrogant ever since they followed that foolish custom for a 1000 years. The leader of the Perfect Chojin is a monster now. General Devil's mission is to stop the leader and make sure he'll never return.

When he stops, General Devil says that no one will be coming back to life. As cracks appear in the ceiling of the Chojin Graveyard, he tells his elite minions, the Devil Knights, that they can enter. With a dynamic entry, the Devil Knights appear and start attacking. While the Graveyard Demons are occupied, General Devil plunges further into the Chojin Graveyard.

Sunshine vs. Thingman

The match takes place at the Statue of Liberty. [10] It appears as if the Ninja has returned, but it is revealed to be Sunshine. [10] Sunshine jumps in search of his opponent, but they catch him by surprise and get him in a lock, until Sunshine breaks free and they both land on different sections of the statue. [11] Thingman summons a hurricane of sand, which erodes the Statue of Liberty and transforms it into a statue of a Perfect Chojin. [11] They are to fight within the ring that exists on the palm of the transformed statue, and the two finally clash within upon the canvas. [12]

The two start evenly matched, until Thingman delivers a blow to Sunshine's neck. Sunshine begins to turn to sand, which allows him to return to normal, and uses his sand to counter against punches to the chest and a middle-kick to his abdomen. Thingman attempts a power-bomb, along with a Thing Demolition Wave, and the latter releases a metallic sound that reduces Sunshine to a pile of sand, but Sunshine rebuilds his body.

Sunshine throws Thingman against the statue, who retaliates with an Extreme Shoulder Armoury, which leads Sunshine to attempt a Cursed Roller. [12] The attack fails, as Thingman's previous attack has turned Sunshine from sand into concrete, and Thingman is able to deliver a series of blows, as he gains the upper-hand. [13] Thingman attempts a German Suplex, but Sunshine blocks the move with one arm, and retaliates with a body-scissors, before delivering many blows and finishing with a Death Valley Bomb.

Thingman reveals his body is made from a meteorite, as such he cannot be easily damaged, and uses a Shoulder Armoury Disc Cutter. He uses the ropes of the ring to crack parts of Sunshine's body, and his Thing Demolition Wave then breaks open the cracks and sends Sunshine crumbling to the canvas. [13] Sunshine's head proceeds to cry, as he struggles to regenerate his body, and - begging for death - allows Thingman to reduce him to nothing but sand, after destroying his head. [14] Thingman gathers his sand up in the canvas, but - before he can toss Sunshine's remains into the see - the canvas appears to catch fire.

The iron and sand in the small canvas, which is spun around fast, creates a scientific effect that leads to a vast amount of heat. Sunshine recombines into a red-hot giant key, which he inserts into part of his body and restores himself to normality with a Sand Hell. Sunshine then turns into sand and reappears behind Thingman, where he destroys his Extreme Shoulder Armoury with his bare hands. [14] Thingman tries to retaliate, but Sunshine uses a Sand Cemetery Press. [15] This defeats Thingman, who collapses onto the ring.

Sunshine takes Thingman's dumbbell. [15] After a confession by Ganman about the origins of the Perfect Origin, Sunshine smashes the dumbbell into his head, before he knocks Thingman out of the ring and returns the Statue of Liberty to its previous state. [16]


Sunshine, alongside The Ninja, return to inform General Devil about their victories, giving him Painman, Crowman and Thingman's dumbbells. Then, the two follow their general to Japan's National Stadium, were he stays at his side, watching all the battles. After getting all the remaining dumbbells, General Devil sends Sunshine to finish his mission, and erase the remaining Perfect Origins. With Black Hole's help, he travels to the Choujin Graveyard, and with great grief, he put one by one the remaing dumbbells, but, surprisingly, none of the Perfect Origins disappear...only Psychoman, who had manipulated the mechanism long ago to erase only him!

And now, with Buffaloman at his side, Sunshine travels with General Devil to watch his fight with The Man. And after the defeat of The Man, Sunshine, Buffaloman, and the "spirits" of the rest of the Devil Choujins, follow General Devil out of the ring.

Unnamed Arc

(More to come)

Kinnikuman Nisei

d.M.p Arc

Sunshine appears first on a television set, after the Tokyo matches against the dMp members: Kevin Mask, Maxman and Tel-Tel Boy. He is with two mysteriously cloaked men, who are his two proteges, and he is also in Osaka after having defeated Gorgeousman and Barbarian. [17] He is a founding member of the DMp and head of their Akuma Chojin division. In the past thirty years, he states he has grown bitter and angry at the Muscle League, and has found two of the strongest proteges to get revenge on his behalf. [18] He declares his proteges are The Nightmares.

They meet again in an izakaya (bar), where Sunshine claims that he is neither friend nor foe until the matches, and treats Mantaro Kinniku and Alexandria Meat in a civil manner. [18] He reveals he is now blind in one eye and lost much of his power, as well as feels abandoned by those of his team who sided with the Seigi Chojin, and - due to feeling alone - he doubled down on his quest for revenge. He notices that Terry the Kid has broken in the Osaka Dome via a portable television set, and orders his Nightmares to capture him. He leaves and reappears later to catch Mantaro in an adult establishment, despite him being underage, and so he blackmails Mantaro into being the referee for the following match. [19]

Sunshine announces the "Osaka Battle at High Noon", as well as that Mantaro will be acting as the referee for the upcoming match, and Mantaro acts as a strict referee and often penalises the Kid. [20] Sunshine obtains a yellow card when Mantaro begins to help the Kid, as he steps into the ring, but he obeys and returns to observing the match from the side. [21] Sunshine antagonises the Kid to gain the upper hand, but soon Rex King is defeated and he infuses Check Mate with his spirit to make him stronger, so as to prepare for the second match against Mantaro Kinniku. [22] Sunshine announces the following match. [23]

It is revealed in flashbacks that Sunshine beat and tortured Checkmate, so that he would be impervious to pain and an invulnerable warrior. [24] Checkmate then reveals he carries a photograph of his old team, which he holds dear, and that he founded the dMp with two other members in hopes of gaining his own faction to control. Sunshine then intervenes with the match when Mantaro is unable to fight, begging Check Mate to stop, but - disgusted by his tears and emotion - Checkmate attacks him and pins him to the ropes. [25] He is devastated when Checkmate tears up his photo, which is his sole memento of the past, and follows this by preventing Check Mate from attacking a small child, saving the child's life. Checkmate proceeds to attack him, until he loses his eye-patch, and is eventually helped up by Mantaro. [26]

After Checkmates crosses boundaries in battle, he starts to cheer for Mantaro. This inspires the crowd to rally behind Mantaro and provide him invaluable strength and inspiration to continue. [27] Checkmate is then defeated. Sunshine refuses to allow anyone else to tend to his wounds, as he runs to his protege who he still holds with great regards and affection, but his colleagues in the dMp send an arrow crashing through the roof of the stadium to kill Sunshine. [28] His army back at base stages a rebellion, but loses in the fight, and so one creates an explosion that destroys all of the dMp and its base. Sunshine - in his bittersweet victory - carries a bleeding Checkmate out of the stadium with the promise to train him to be better. [28]

Demon Seed Arc

Sunshine appears drunk in Osaka, where he laments nostalgically for the events of 36 years ago, where there were ‘real’ Devil Chojin: the seven Devil Chojin and Six Devil Knights. [29] He sees the Demon Seed as mere imitations of their predecessors, and leaves in a drunken stupor to Ganryu Island where the last two Demon Seed are preparing to battle the Blood Evolutions. [29] He swims across the sea to reach the General Rib in his attempt to reach the last of the Demon Seed. [30]

Sunshine arrives as Ashuraman resurrects. [31] He offers Checkmate the chance to return to the path of evil, as he explains that Ashuraman always regretted joining the Muscle League. Ashuraman rejects Sunshine's attempt to reconcile and form a tag-team. [31] He periodically compliments Checkmate, while cheering on Ashuraman during his match. [32] Sunshine later weeps to see Ashuraman angry, as he reminisces about the past. [33] After Ashuraman wins the match against the B-Evolutions, he proceeds to attack Kevin Mask despite him being incapacitated and the match over, and Sunshine stops him. [34]

He states that Ashuraman never shed blood needlessly, but Ashuraman says he's changed. [34]

Sunshine later appears at the Demon Womb, as the final match commences. [35] Kinnikuman realises that Asuraman plans to resurrect General Terror, as he spots Sunshine about to enter the Demon Womb, and proceeds to tickle Sunshine until his stomach opens up, allowing Kinnikuman to hide inside his abdomen. Sunshine then enters the Demon Womb (unknowingly with Kinnikuman). [35] Inside, Sunshine comments that Asuraman is even more ruthless than their time together in the past. [36]

It is at this point that Kinnikuman bursts out of his stomach. [36] Sunshine is commanded by Ashuraman to ring the bell that shall awaken the Demon Womb from its slumber. [37] He bickers with Kinnikuman, before ordering Ashuraman to kill Mantaro Kinniku. [38] Kevin Mask later drags Sunshine into the waters beneath the ring, where his sand merges with the electricity to gold-plate his body. [39]

As Sunshine is made of gold dust, this allows him to defy the micro-waves of Voltman. [40] Sunshine loses his legs in the process. [40] After General Terror is revived and defeated, the Diamond Dust of Rebirth restores his legs and allows him to walk again. [41] He swears friendship to Ashuraman, who - now elderly - is helped out of the Demon Womb by Sunshine, as they leave to safety together. [41]

Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Out Assault~

D.M.p Arc

Sunshine first appears alongside Shimao and Qilinman. [42]

He kidnaps Mantaro Kinniku, Gazelleman and Terry the Kid, after he kidnaps Meat Alexandria and holds him hostage within the DMp base. He reveals that they took Meat after he attempted reconnaissance at their base, and - if the others want him back - they need to fight three challengers in the base to earn him back. [42] Sunshine waits in the "Chess Room" of the final competitor. [43] He opens his jacket to reveal an Evil Chojin that bursts out from his body: Check Mate. [43] Sunshine proceeds to watch from the sides. [44]

A series of flashbacks reveal Checkmate was Sunshine's personal protege, but treated very harshly and raised in strict conditions. When Checkmate is defeated, Sunshine cradles him on the ring. [44] When the Justice Chojin try to rescue Meat, Qilinman and Shimao go back on their word, which prompts Checkmate - seeing the error of his ways - to dive before the Justice Chojin to protect them from an oncoming attack by an arrow. [45] Sunshine dives in front of the arrow to save Checkmate, which impales him. [45]

When Qilinman and Shimao start a self-destruct on the base, Sunshine reveals a secret exit to allow Checkmate and the Justice Chojin to escape. He chooses to stay behind, so as to not to slow down the others, and is seemingly crushed to death by the collapsing dMp base. [45]

Top Chojin Festival

At Yokohama Stadium, a new tournament is announced by Ikemen Muscle. [46]

The tournament is between both Justice Chojin and Evil Chojin, and Ramenman acts as the representative for the Justice Chojin, while Sunshine acts as the representative for the Evil Chojin. The two shake hands on stage, but - when Sunshine squeezes Ramenman's hand too hard - the two start to fight. Sunshine goes on to announce the preliminary match to wheedle down the combatants to the eight finalists. [46]

Sunshine confronts Ikemen when Mantaro Kinniku stays in the competition due to a technicality, but is ultimately placated. [47] He sleeps at the stadium, until the finalists are announced the next day. [48] Sunshine follows this by announcing the lottery for the match-ups. [48]

He follows this by attending the match between Fiona and The Doomman, and helps Ramenman to ring the bell. [49] After witnessing the Kevin Mask vs. Naankeeman, he proceeds to go with Ikemen Muscle to watch the Kinniku Mantaro vs. Tentacles match. [50] Once the semi-finals are complete, he appears on stage in a matching suit alongside Ikemen Muscle and Ramenman to announce the finals. [51]

Sunshine later is seen at the awards ceremony, where Mantaro is named winner. [52]

Anime Changes

Ultimate Muscle

In the dub, it is explained that after the events of the Dream Chojin Tag Arc, when his friend Asuraman left to join the Muscle League, he grew a great urge to destroy Kinnikuman and the Muscle League, and that after the Devil Chojin were presumed destroyed. He moved to Miami, Florida, where his appearance was ruined by sunburn (he claimed to have been banned from every public beach in South Florida, and that the lines on his arms no longer formed a perfect grid as he used to). In the final season of the anime, he is seen with Clioneman and Dead Signal, indicating that he may have been training them.



Sand Hell (砂地獄, Suna Jigoku)

  • Sunshine turns his body to sand and spreads out on the ring, trapping an opponent.

Hell's Pyramid (地獄のピラミッド, Jigoku no Piramiddo)

  • Sunshine turns into a pyramid that impales the enemy.

Hell's Arch (地獄の凱旋門, Jigoku no Gaisenmon)

  • Sunshine turns into an arch that falls on the enemy.

Hell's Top (地獄のコマ, Jigoku no Koma)

  • Sunshine turns into a top that attacks the enemy.

Concrete Press (コンクリートプレス)

Cursed Roller (呪いのローラー, Noroi no Rōrā)

  • Sunshine's chest opens, revealing a ringer that the enemy is driven through.

Giant Swing

  • Sunshine grabs the enemy's legs and spins then throws the enemy into the air.

Canadian Back-Breaker

  • Similar to Canadianman's Back-Breaker.

Complete Sand Cemetery Press

  • Sunshine grabs and lift the enemy into the air, then using his Sand Hell, Sunshine turn into sand and rebuilt him and his enemy in a pose which he bends and hook the enemy's legs with his legs and grabs both their arm and slam into the canvas. Sunshine first use to against Thingman, by laid out his Disc Cutter in the ring, Sunshine was able to pierce Thingman's indestructible body and defeat him.

Career Information


  • One of the Six Devil Knights (Sunshine is one of the Devil Knights without any champion records, and the only one to ever lose to a human)
  • New Nightmares Coach


  • Sand Hell Guard
    • The Japanese name, "Suna Jigoku no Bannin", is a pun of sorts. "Suna" means sand, whereas "jigoku" means "hell", hence "Guardian of the Sand Hell". However, an alternate reading/interpretation would be "Sunaji Goku no Bannin", which would mean "Guardsman of the Sand Prison", since "sunaji" means "sandy place/soil" and "goku" means "prison".
  • Giant Sand Wall

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

  • X Geronimo (Apache War Cry)
  • 0 Rollerman (German Suplex)
  • 0 Town's vigilante corp (various techniques)
  • 0 Town's vigilante corp leader (Cursed Roller)
  • O Prince Kamehame (Cursed roller)
  • X Neptuneman (Double Leg Suplex)
  • O Thingman (Complete Sand Cemetery Press)

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

Stray Devil Chojin Combo (Asuraman)

Speech & Quotes

"Devils have friendship, too!" - Sunshine



  • Submitted by: Baba of Miyagi Prefecture
  • Theme Song: "Sand Monster (サンドモンスター)" by Kōrogi '73
  • His body is made of gold dust [40]


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