A trio of men from the Earth Defence Force.


They are a trio of men named: Yocchan, Mach, and Toshi. It is known that they work for the Earth Defence Force, and that they are committed to wiping out Kaiju to make Tokyo a safer place. They encounter Monster Turkey at Christmas, and work with Kinnikuman to defeat Monster Turkey.


They are driving around Tokyo at Christmas, as they seek out Kaiju to defeat in the name of justice. [1] They spot Kinnikuman and decide to follow him, as he is often seen around Kaiju, and they introduce themselves: Mach, Yocchan, and Toshiyori Tahara. They chase after Kinnikuman when he laughs at them, until they are all stopped by the presence of Monster Turkey. [1]

They hide under a force-field, which Kinnikuman and Meat Alexandria enter for protection, and they shoot it with a rocket-launcher, which turns out to be a firework. They try again with an actual rocket, while Kinnikuman attempts to use his Kinniku Flash, and both strike Monster Turkey at the same time, which results in it being roasted alive and collapsing down onto the street. The Tanokin Trio argue with Kinnikuman over who killed the creature, while Meat eats its corpse.


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