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Tatakae!! Ramenman !! (拉麵男(ラーメンマン)), also known as Lomien Man, is a manga authored by the duo of Yudetamago that was serialized in Shueisha's Fresh Jump magazine from 1982 until 1988. [1]


The series ran between June 1982 and December 1988 (concluding along with the cancellation of the magazine in which it was published). The title is an alternate-universe and spin-off series to Yudetamago's previous work: Kinnikuman. It is focused around the character of Ramenman, who travels the land to fight various enemies.


Set in a land where several martial arts styles collide, including (but not limited to) Chinese Kung Fu, Japanese Karate, and South Korean Taekwondo. Yet amongst these Shaolin-trained fighters and men powerful enough to cut the face of a mountain, Victory Ramenman is said to be the strongest of them all. At a young age, he witnessed his father Somenman being murdered by members of the Cobra Gang (who are still running rampant to this day).

Found and taken in by the wise old Chen Zongming, Ramenman trains for 12 years under his master and learns the great Essential Battle Dragon (闘龍極意書, Toryu Gokui Sho) style of Chojin Kung Fu. Now, with his young sidekick Shumai, Ramenman travels the land seeking vengeance for his father, fighting several villains along the way.


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  • 001. : The Birth of Ramenman!!
  • 002. : Poison Fist!!
  • 003. : Touryuu Gokui Sho
  • 004. : The Secret of the Gokui Sho!!
  • 005. : Revenge!!
  • 006. : Attack the Darkness!!


  • The Explosive Chojin 102 Gei (1988)


  • A reference to the series is made in Episode 8 (Deep of Muscle), in which Gokuman states that - were he as popular as Ramenman - he could have had a series called "Tatakae!! Gokuman". This implies the manga exists in-universe to the canon series.[2]



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