• Ten-don
    Name: Tendon (テンドン)
  • Classification: Kaijū
  • Homeland: Earth
  • First Appearance: Manga Chapter 21, Anime Episode 24
  • Seiyu: Koji Totani

Tendon (テンドン) is a shrimp who is transformed into a Kaiju by Kinkotsuman and Iwao. He and his girlfriend Ebiko used to be part of a bowl of Tendon, but Kinnikuman was repulsed by it and instead threw Ebiko into the ground and smacked Tendon out of the house. Iwao found Tendon and gave him to Kinkotsuman, who used Tendon' desire for revenge to convince him to become a Kaiju. Tendon goes on a rampage until Kinnikuman defeats him, agreeing to eat him afterwards as a final request. Kinnikuman likes how Tendon tastes so much that he begins eating Tendon everyday instead of Gyudon (by the next chapter, though, he's back to only gyudon).


In the anime Tendon and Ebiko are named Shrimpson and Shrimpette. He is only referred to as Ten-don after his transformation. They have a happier fate than in the manga however, as in the end, Kinnikuman returns the two shrimp to the sea.