The Terry Clan (テリー族, Terii-zoku) is a family of genius Chojin wrestlers from Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Nisei.


A famous wrestling family from Amarillo, Texas, USA.

The family are known for their submission holds, with Terryman and Terry the Kid being main characters throughout Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Nisei. The Terry clan are famous, much like the Robin and Kinniku clans, but are not renowned for creating champions like those two clans.

Customs and Culture

It is a tradition in the Terry Family for every boy to remove one tree stump from the grounds of the ranch each day, which helps them to learn proper submission techniques, such as the Texas Clover Hold. [1]


The Kenyon family aren't designed for high-impact power moves, as they do not put on a lot of muscle mass, and thus they would hurt themselves trying moves like the Kinniku Buster. [2] They instead inherit massive arm and leg strength, as well as a tenacious spirit, and have strong signature moves, such as the Spinning Toe Hold. [2]

Family Tree

Unknown Female
Unknown Female
Natsuko Shono
Terry the Kid


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