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A one-shot created for Jump SQ's six-year anniversary, where they had a theme of "six".


The story thus focused on the sixth most popular character: Asuraman. It also featured the rest of the Blood Oath Brigade, which all made up characters within the top-ten of popular characters.


Ataru Kinniku - disguised as Soldierman - brings together the Chojin Brigade via letter to the Berlin Wall. He states that he wants them to help him in the upcoming tournament for the fight for the Kinniku Throne, and that they are linked together by their pride and outcast nature. They fight among themselves, but are ultimately united by a common cause. They make a blood oath to become a team.


The chapter begins with a summary of Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc. [1] The story then cuts to Asuraman, who is attacking humans on the Berlin Wall, and it is revealed - via a spotlight - that he needed them removed from the wall so as to meet the rest of his team: Buffaloman, The Ninja, and Brocken Jr.. It is shown someone sent them all a letter asking them to meet. [1]

They note that they were all asked to join Soldierman's team, and Brocken suggests they train for the match against Team Phoenix, until they begin to argue among themselves. Only Brocken Jr and Buffaloman want to follow Soldierman, and Soldierman appears to beg Ninja and Asurman to stay for a moment. Ninja tries to read Soldierman's thoughts, but it is revealed he cannot. [1]

Asuraman attacks Soldierman, seeking to find out what he truly seeks to achieve from everything, but they are too evenly matched, until Soldierman manages to punch him in the face. Asurman follows with an Asura Buster, but Soldierman easily counters, and states that all five of them are connected by "pride". Soldierman reveals that he is not - in fact - Soldierman, but instead attacked Soldierman and stole his identity. He states that he thinks by fighting against Justice Chojin, he can improve their techniques, and uses a Rolling Cube Suplex against Asuraman. [1]

"Soldierman" dodges Asuraman's Tornado Hell, which sends part of the Berlin Wall crumbling down and crushes the four men, while "Soldierman" remains unscathed. The four ask if each other is okay, and "Soldierman" states that this shows they are a real team. He removes his mask and uses the Face Flash technique passed down through the Kinniku Clan to heal their injuries. They then all join together their bleeding hands to make a blood pact, and swear to become one spirit shared between five bodies. [1]


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