The Choppers (ザ・テガタナーズ, Za Tegataazu) is a tag team made up of Brocken Jr. and Geronimo.


A seeder match is decided during the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament, in which any team - from an audience of tag-teams - can volunteer to fight against the Five Disasters. Brocken Jr. and Geronimo volunteer as The Choppers, but ultimately lose the match. Brocken Jr. loses his arm in the process, which causes Jade to lose his Red Rain of Berlin, and instead learn a new technique in its place (due to Brocken Jr. being unable to teach him the former move in the future, due to the loss of his arm).


History has been rewritten as the Time Chojin have gone back in time to the Dream Chojin Tag Arc conclusion. They almost kill Robin Mask, but he is saved at the last minute by the New Generation. Like the other Legends, Geronimo doesn't trust the New Generation and even attacks Seiuchin with his Apache War Cry. When the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament is announced, he serves alongside Brocken Jr. as Kinnikuman and Terryman's second.

Before the final first round match, a Reserve Match is announced, with Geronimo and Brocken teaming up as the The Choppers (テガタナーズ Tegatanas) (named so by Terry after the fact that they both have powerful chopping attacks). Their opponent is the Five Disasters, Lightning and Thunder (the Time Choujin). They are both reminded of their most traumatic experiences by Thunder's "Legend" Destroying Bell and Brocken is soon knocked out for the majority of the fight. Geronimo is outnumbered and easily dominated by the Five Disasters until the souls of Barrierfreeman and Ilioukhine support him, gaining his trust. He then unleashes a fury of attacks and destroys the "Legend" Destroying Bell with his new Apache Death Scream. In the end, however, he and Brocken are defeated by the Prelude to Justice Crumbling (Brocken is also made a victim of the Death Watch Branding).


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