An antagonist to Kinniku Mantaro in Kinnikuman Nisei.


The ateji used to spell "Cyborg" means "Foolish Violent Rhinoceros". In the English version, he talks with a Rocky Balboa-like accent. He first appears as a fan submission on the cover art for chapter 374 of the original Kinnikuman.

The Cyborg took Rina hostage and forced Mantaro into a match on the Tokyo Tower. He later appeared in the Poison Six Pack Arc in the anime where he fought Kevin Mask.


Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Chojin Dai Shingeki~

While in Tokyo Tower, Kinniku Mantaro visits a waxworks exhibit. [1]

The Cyborg disguises himself as a clown waxwork, where he waits for Mantaro and his friends to get closer, and he breaks his disguise to reveal his true identity. Gazelleman attacks The Cyborg, only for The Cyborg to spin him around and throw him into a Cyborg Back-Breaker. This defeats Gazelleman, who falls beaten on the floor. He proceeds to kidnap Rina and takes her to the viewing platform of the tower, where the others must fight him to retrieve her as his hostage. [1]

It is showed that The Cyborg created the ring and space to fight, and hopes to prove his worth by defeating Mantaro in specific. [2] Mantaro jumps into the ring, despite his terror, and starts to flail his arms at The Cyborg, but his hands strike at the spikes on The Cyborg's chest and he starts to bleed. Mantaro tries a Rolling Savate, which The Cyborg dodges and counters with a backdrop. He then stomps down on Mantaro. Mantaro considers joining The Cyborg to stop the pain, but reconsiders when Rina pleads with him. [2]

The Cyborg - as his hand is slapped away - tries to use a Cyclone Back-Breaker, but Mantaro summons his Burning Inner Strength. Mantaro uses his finishing move: Mantaro Neck Chancery Drop. This defeats The Cyborg and breaks off his horn, and allows Rina to be returned to her mother. [2]


Cyclone Back-Breaker

  • Spins his opponent around, before using a back-breaker

Great Cyclone

Rocket Punch

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Single)



  • Laugh: "Go-momomomo" (ゴモモモモ)
  • Submitted By: Masaharu Nakamura (中村真治) of Aomori


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