The Demolitions (ザ・デモリッションズ) is a tag team made up of Asuraman and Voltman.


The Demon Seed reveal there are General Palasts across Japan, and - after using tentacles to kidnap the Army of Idols - take their individual opponents to their specific Palasts. [1] The General Palast breaks into five pieces, with each Death-Match Room going to the new locations. [2] Voltman first appears on the Ganryu Islands, Yamaguchi. [3] The final palast is a ring with a rib-cage that encases the exterior, which forms to become General Rib. [4]

He announces that the next match will be a tag-match between himself and Asuraman (The Demolitions), and Mars and Kevin Mask (B-Evolutions). [4] Voltman makes the last two parts of Alexandria Meat's body levitate above two corner posts, namely his left leg and his head. [5] Voltman engages in a series of blows alone, while Asuraman regenerates outside the ring, and bides time until he is fully regenerated. [6] The combined tag team leads Voltman to gain an advantage, culminating in his Tesla Coil attack. [7][8]

Voltman manages to incapacitate Kevin, leading Mars to fight primarily alone for the duration of the match. [9] He proceeds to use the Megahertz Tempest. [9] He fights mostly one-on-one with Mars, who attacks several times with his Swallow Tail, and at this point Voltman reveals he is powered by plutonium and thus has infinite energy. [10] Mars uses a moment of distraction to make himself immune to the electric attacks, by covering himself in rubber from the ring. [11] Asuraman takes the lead in the fight, until Mars is incapacitated by him. [12][13]

Voltman activates the plutonium core inside his body. [14] He engages Fatal Square, which opens a microwave compartment on his chest, and reveals the microwaves he releases are ten-thousands times stronger than the common appliance. Mars is cooked alive and vaporised inside him. [14] He jumps into the air to release Meat's body parts, and claims his leg in the aftermath. [15] Voltman and Asuraman proceed to flee to the last palast, where they await their final match against Kevin Mask and Mantaro Kinniku. [15]

Together, Asuraman and Voltman bring forth all the palasts. [16]

The last palast emerges at the Osore Mountain at the Shimokita Peninsula, and they reveal it is the place of the Demon Womb, where they seek to resurrect General Terror. [17] They attach Meat's body parts to General Terror's statue, and reveal if Mantaro and Kevin are late that Meat will be absorbed into General Terror. [17] At the appointed time, they mock Kevin and Mantaro for being late, but both arrive just three minutes before the deadline. [18]

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