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A special one-shot about Kinnikuman's early years.


Mayumi Kinniku tells Meat Alexandria about how Meat and Kinnikuman became friends, as a result of Kinnikuman defeating his first ever Kaiju opponent. The story features explanations as to how Kinnikuman was given his mask, as well as explorations of how he was bullied in school and how his relationship with Meat progressed over time.


Mayumi Kinniku arrives at Beverly Park. [1]

Mayumi is searching their house to find an old book, when Meat Alexandria appears to ask about his actions. The book has a photograph inside of the first time that Kinnikuman defeated a Kaiju; it is revealed that Kinnikuman was ten-years old and Meat was one-year old. Meat asks Mayumi to tell him all about their childhood. [1]

It is shown that - when Kinnikuman was born - Mayumi was sent to find him a mask to wear for his lifetime. He enters a mask shop and sees a variety of masks, several of which he approves, but the laws have changed and a machine determines which mask shall be provided. Ten years later, Kinnikuman goes to school for the first time, and Mayumi gifts him an orphan: Meat. Kinnikuman is aghast at having to baby-sit Meat, and drags him around. [1]

Kinnikuman tries to toss Meat into a river, but is caught by a man and beaten in response. He then tosses Meat into a gymnasium at school, before attending class and being bullied by the students. The students proceed to beat him and defecate upon him and urinate upon him. A Kaiju teacher enters the classroom with Meat in hand, and the other students proceed to strip him and sexually abuse him, which angers Kinnikuman and causes him to attack the teacher, only to be beaten up by him in the process. [1]

Meat offers Kinnikuan garlic, which reinvigorates him, and - when the teacher tries to murder Kinnikuman with a rock - Kinnikuman attacks him with a Kinniku Flash. This causes Kinnikuman to befriend Meat, who names his attack for him. In the present day, Mayumi finishes his story just as Kinnikuman arrives, and Meat massages his back and expresses gratitude to Kinnikuman for saving him. [1]


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