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The Gaon is the partner of Shikotei.


The Gaon is the partner of Emperor Death, forming the tag-team of the Wailing Ghost Gang during the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament. He fights against The Adrenalines, before Emperor Death succumbed to their tag-move "Adrenaline Bridge". This causes him to lose the match, as the audience throws seat-cushions into the ring, as per a sumo custom.


He is introduced as entry #15. [1]

The Gaon stands alongside the Emperor of Death, as part of the Wailing Ghost Gang, and they join all other contestants in one ring in Korakuen Stadium. [1] A battle royale is announced to whittle down the teams, to see who can compete in the final tournament. [2] The Gaon can be seen trading blows with Mongolman. [3] After the other teams meet their losses, they win a place in the tournament and are announced as one of the twelve finalists. [4]

They are assigned to fight the New Machineguns during the match-ups. [5] The match takes place at Kuramae Kokugikan, at 2.30pm. [6] The Adrenalines arrive in matching costumes and masks, until Terry the Kid reveals himself by removing his mask, and the Wailing Ghost Gang arrives on palanquins, but the Adrenalines strike the Wailing Ghost Gang before the bell is rung. [7] The bell is rung and The Adrenalines start with a flying body attack in a synchronised aerial move, before the Wailing Ghost Gang toss them across the ring. [8]

The Wailing Ghost Gang retaliate with a Gaon's Bamboo-Copter Blood-Fountain. This knocks Terry the Kid out of the ring, and Robin Mask slams Gaon down onto the mat. [8] The Gaon gains an advantage, as Robin Mask becomes distracted by the sight of Kevin Mask disappearing at the ring-side. [9] The Wailing Ghost Gang team up against Robin Mask, and use a Wailing Leg Slash, which causes Robin to collapse at the side of the ring and allow Terry the Kid to switch with him. [10] Kid is able to take the lead. [10]

Kid uses a Dead-Crush Arm-Breaker against Emperor Death. [11] Emperor Death counters with a Snake-Belly Hand, before using an Emeishan Drop. Gaon joins in with a drop-kick to Kid's face, while Kid works out that Kevin's survival depends on Robin's victory during the match, as his death will result in Kevin's death. He kicks Gaon on the back of his head, before Gaon counters by tossing him to Emperor Death, who uses a Cobra Claw to force Kid to his feet. The Wailing Ghost Gang gain an advantage, until Robin Mask sees Kid in distress and tags himself into the match. Robin Mask uses a Kingdom Neck Chancery. [11]

Emperor Death uses his snake-hand to remove Robin Mask's armour, and he tosses the armour onto Kevin Mask's clear-bed. [12] Robin Mask then uses an Indian Death-Lock on Emperor Death, and Gaon then stops him with a Gaon Ride. Emperor Death then uses a Snake-Tail Foot against to hang from the rafters, as he uses a Snake-Belly Hand and engages in Slow-Slicing. [12] Emperor Death then uses a Blood-Leech Bowl technique to keep Robin Mask alive, while he announces his aim to gain immortality with the trophy bulbs. [13]

Terry the Kid then kicks Robin's armour back into the ring. [14] Robin Mask uses a Blood Fountain to blind his opponents, before Kid uses a $1,000,000 Kick to incapacitate Emperor Death. [15] Robin uses his Maelstrom Power, followed by a Greenwich Time Crash, and puts back on his armour, which helps to heal him with its familial and ancestral powers. The Wailing Ghost Gang try to use another Bamboo-Copter, until The Adrenalines use Tag Formation A. Kid also then uses a Texas Tornado Elbow. [15]

This knocks out Gaon. [15]


Gaon's Bamboo-Copter Blood-Fountain

  • Emperor Death spins Gaon like a bamboo-copter, causing the Gaon to repeatedly kick his opponent in the head and torso region

Wailing Leg Slash

  • Emperor Death and Gaon target the carotid artery together with a knee-kick

Gaon Ride

Career Information

Win Loss Record (Tag-Teams)


  • Submitted by: Ryuuhan Oda (26), from Shiga [1]


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