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A story that takes place between Dream Chojin Tag Tournament and the Scramble for the Throne Arc


On Planet Cupim, an Evil Chojin named "Tyrant" takes over the planet and starts to oppress its population. A young boy named "Barrack" comes to Earth to find a legendary saviour known as "Muscleman", which is revealed to be an ancestor of Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman eventually goes to the planet and helps save the people from harm.


The story takes place at Kinniku House. [1]

Kinnikuman is seen to be asleep, while his recently washed mask hangs up on the washing line outside. A man in a spaceship lands outside Kinniku House, in Beverly Park, and another spaceship hovers overhead, where they demand the man - nicknamed "Barrack" - comes back to Planet Cupin with them. They release chojin down to capture Barrack, but he steals Kinnikuman's mask, as he's taken forcibly back in their spaceship to Planet Cupin. [1]

Terryman and Meat Alexandria return home after all-night training, and they find Kinnikuman - being so tired - mixed up his mask with his underpants when drying them, so he is now wearing underpants on his head. Meat reveals that if Kinnikuman cannot find his "given mask", he must commit suicide, and he only has 24 hours to retrieve his mask. Kinnikuman senses his mask somewhere in space, so they decide to go to Planet Cupim to find the mask. [1]

The two chojin that took Barrack are revealed to be Evil Chojin, who are terrorising Planet Cupim, and are murdering its inhabitants. The leader - Tyrant - escaped three-months previous, and it is revealed he is a mass murderer that was the worst Evil Chojin that ever lived. He imprisons the younger citizens for forced manual labour, and has destroyed the prison and made an army in support of him. [1]

Barrack tries to start an uprising among the prisoners, who are locked in the dungeons, and states that Muscleman will save them, just as he did in legends thousands of years ago, and a boy named Porom picks the locks to their shackles. They escape, and - on the way - Barrack dons Kinnikuman's mask as proof that he did in fact find the Muscleman. Barrack and Tyrant fight, until Kinnikuman appears with Terryman and Meat. Tyrant unmasks Barrack and threatens to kill him, as he gains the upper-hand in battle. [1]

Kinnikuman puts his mask back on, and Terryman defeats Tyrant's henchmen, and this allows Kinnikuman to enter the ring and attack Tyrant in earnest. Tyrant thinks that he can defeat Kinnikuman, as he studied the Kinniku Clan's moves, and Meat reveals that "Muscleman" was an ancestor of Kinnikuman, who must have visited Planet Cupim in the past. Kinnikuman uses Friendship Power to use the Kinniku Buster. This defeats Tyrant and saves the people of Planet Cupim. [1]

The people cheer as Kinnikuman leaves. [1]


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