The Machineguns (ザ・マシンガンズ)



The team of Kinnikuman and Terryman. They first form up (without a name) when they are challenged by Abdullah and Mouko-seijin to a match to determine who is better between Heroes and Monsters. When Kinnikuman needs a partner for the American Tag Tournament they officially team up as the The Machineguns and win the championship.

During the Dream Choujin Tag Arc, Kinnikuman offers to enter the Universal Choujin Tag Tournament as The Machineguns, but as a result of the Friendship Power of the Idol Choujin's having been stolen, Terry refuses. However, after Kinnikuman's partner Prince Kamehame dies, Terry secretly takes his place as Kinnikuman Great. By the final match, Terry is unmasked and The Machineguns are reunited and win the championship.

Kinnikuman Nisei

During the Choujin Olympics in Kinnikuman Nisei, they reunite once more for a novelty match against the 20 Million Powers.

In the Ultimate Choujin Tag Arc, The Machineguns have entered the Tournament with Geronimo and Brocken Jr. serving as their seconds.

(More to Come)


Muscle Docking

Buster Variation Part 5 (バスターバリエーションPART5)
AKA Double Kinniku Buster ((ダブル)キン肉バスター)
Building Demolition Drop (ビルディング解体落とし Birudingu Kaitai Otoshi)

Career Information

  • American Tag Tournament Champions
  • Universal Choujin Tag Tournament Champions
Win/Loss Reocrd


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