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A one-shot focusing on The Machineguns formation.


A one-shot posted after the finale of Kinnikuman Nisei: Part Two. It was posted in two parts, with the first part on the 3rd of October, and the second part on the 10th of October, and explores a cut section from the American Tour Arc. It also served as a backdoor-pilot for the Kinnikuman (2011) arc that would be published at a later date.


Kinnikuman asks Terryman to join him as a partner in the American Chojin Tag Tournament, but Terryman refuses due to how his leg was forced to be amputated. He states he will join Kinnikuman, only if Kinnikuman can fill a trough with water using his wildest horse; not only does Kinnikuman fill the trough, but he tames the horse, and Terryman decides to use a new prosthetic leg to join Kinnikuman as part of their tag-team.


The chapter begins with a brief recap of American Chojin politics during the 1980's, and the creation of the American Chojin Tag Tournament. [1] Kinnikuman sets his sights upon Terryman as a tag partner, but only has three days until the tournament starts to convince him of participation, and - on reaching Terry's Ranch - Kinnikuman begs him, only for Terry to rebuke him due to a lack of time. [1]

Kinnikuman strikes Terryman, which knocks him off his horse, and this reveals that he has lost his leg, which Terryman states makes him useless as a partner. He thus rides away. A ranch-hand reveals that he has a prosthetic leg that Terryman can use, and gives it to Kinnikuman so that Terryman may fight again. Kinnikuman waits outside the ranch, even forgoing food and rest, in hopes that Terryman will take pity on him and use the leg. [1]

The next day Terryman wakes them with water to the face, after they pass out from heatstroke. Terryman says that he will work with Kinnikuman, only if Kinnikuman can fill up his trough; he gives him two bags, and tells him the river is fifteen miles away. To do this, he lends Kinnikuman a wild horse (knowing that Kinnikuman will never tame the horse and thus make the necessary trips). The horse is named Machinegun. [1]

Kinnikuman still refuses to find another partner, and - after being attacked by the horse - manages to eventually mount Machinegun. At sunset, Kinnikuman makes the first round-trip to empty some water into the trough. While Terryman goes about his daily routine, Kinnikuman continues to fill the trough, and it is noticed that Machinegun once lost his leg in an accident, too, until he was also given a prosthetic. Kinnikuman bonds with the horse and tames him. Kinnikuman makes it back just in time to win the bet made by Terryman, and Terryman thus dons his prosthetic leg and agrees to join his team. [1]

The two go on to enter the tournament. [1]


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