The Mountain (ザ・魔雲天マウンテン) is a Devil Chojin that features in Kinnikuman.


The Mountain (ザ・魔雲天, Za Maunten) was an enormous rocky chojin from the Himalayas. He fought Terryman and although a tough opponent, was defeated when Terryman used a brain-buster him. After his defeat, he broke the ropes suspending the ring in an attempt to take Terryman with him, but failed and The Mountain himself fell to his doom.



Seven Devil Chojin Arc

During the celebrations for the 21st Chojin Olympics: The Big Fight, the Seven Akuma Chojin are accidentally freed by Kinnikuman. [1] They kidnap Alexandria Meat during the festivities, and each take a body part, and declare that Kinnikuman must defeat each of them to retrieve a part and bring Meat back to life. [2] When Kinnikuman is later injured during his match with Stereo Cassette King, Terryman tries to fight in disguise as Kinnikuman, but it ultimately defeated as the remaining Seven Akuma Chojin fight him 6-on-1. [3]

The Mountain finishes this attack with a Mountain Drop. [3]

When Kinnikuman beats Black Hole, he cannot fight any longer and the Justice Chojin decide to fight on his behalf. [4] The remaining Seven Devil Chojin - and justice chojin - match up to find their opponents, and The Mountain is matched with Terryman. [5] The match will take place in the Chichibu mountains. At first, it appears that Terryman is alone in the ring, but then the Mountain reveals he was disguised as one of the mountains and was there all along. [5]

They exchange a series of blows, but - while grabbing Mountain in a Spinning Toe Hold - Terryman notices one of the laces on his shoe has snapped. [6] He later is in danger and caught on the ropes by Mountain. [7] Terry attacks with a Deadly Drive, only for another shoe-lace to snap. [8] A third lace snaps, but barely holds together, and Terryman barely avoids a Body Slam. [9]

The last string of Terryman's laces snaps. [10] Terryman is heavily beaten by the Mountain, but - when Mountain insults his fallen comrades - this reinvigorates Terryman into attacking anew. Terryman cries, as he attacks Mountain, even when Mountain is touching the ropes and his actions are illegal. Terryman climbs the ropes and chances a Flying Knee Drop, but the attack causes Terry extreme pain, as it injures his prosthetic leg. The Mountain attempts a Mountain Drop, but Terryman counters with ease and stops the attack. [10]

Terryman ends the match with a Brain Buster. [11] The Mountain reveals that - although defeated - he won't die alone, and the ropes to the ring snap as he grabs at Terryman's ankle. They both fall from an extreme height, which results in The Mountain's death and Terryman's seeming demise. [11]


Mountain Drop

  • The Mountain body-slams his opponent

Career Record

  • One of the 7 Devil
Fight Record



  • The ateji used to spell his name roughly translates to "Demon from the Clouded Sky."
  • Theme Song: "Jigoku no Yamanami (Hellish Mountains)" by Takayuki Miyauchi.


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