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The Ninja (ザ・ニンジャ) is a character from Kinnikuman and its sequel Kinnikuman Nisei. He was originally a Justice Chojin, but became a Devil Chojin after pledging allegiances to Satan. [2][3] In the English dub of Ultimate Muscle he is renamed Ninja Ned. He is a recurring character, but dies at the hands of Hanzo in Kinnikuman Nisei.


The Ninja (ザ・ニンジャ) is a character from Kinnikuman and its sequel Kinnikuman Nisei. In the English dub of Ultimate Muscle he is renamed Ninja Ned (although, when he mentioned by Sunshine during the match between Mantaro and Checkmate he's refereed to as "The Ninja" and is also referred to as "The Ninja" in the English versions of the Gamecube game Kinnikuman Nisei New Generation vs. Legends) and is said to be an impostor from The United States of America who studies ninjutsu in his spare time.


The Ninja is a Chojin resembling a ninja clad in navy-blue gi. In the anime, he wears a red scarf (blue in the anime). He appears to be missing his left eye in most official art and merchandise, but there are instances of his right eye being missing instead, or even retaining both eyes (such as in the anime).


Before he became a Devil Chojin, The Ninja believed in the importance of loyalty, as seen in his trust of his fellow ninja. Ayame, Gounen, Saizou, and Kasumi were his elite followers. He was devastated to see Saizou betray his village and held back on his Betrayal at Will jutsu, even if he killed Saizou.

As a Devil Knight, The Ninja is absolutely loyal to the other Devil Knights and to General Devil. When he joined the Chojin Blood Oath Brigade, he learned to work with Buffaloman and Brocken Jr. and appreciate them better. When he is about to be defeated by Crowman, Brocken Jr. and his fellow Justice Chojin remind The Ninja of his time on the Chojin Blood Oath Brigade and give him a second wind.


The Ninja specializes in powerful Ninjutsu.


Deep of Muscle

Episode 3

Episode 3 starts off with The Ninja, a member of the Koga Clan at the time, fleeing from the Japanese Secret Service. He easily dispatches them with an explosive dummy. After noting how the firearms have dulled the Japanese senses, The Ninja gets ambushed by Kirigatani Gendou, a rival from the Iga Clan, and his poisonous needles. Gendou continued his assault on The Ninja with poison-infused claws, but the Ninja retreated into the shadows. Gendou used his poisonous techniques to no avail.

The Ninja launched a sneak attack on Gendou with a Backspin Skewer. While he did that, he changed the escape path into a volcano with his Area Transfer jutsu. The Ninja proceeded to kick Gendou into the volcano, forcing Gendou to burn to death. With his victory, the Ninja sent some important documents away via carrier hawk after a long monologue about ninja and the shifting balance of the world's politics. He used his Face Copy jutsu to disguise himself as a dead Secret Service member and tricked the ambulance workers into picking him as well. Once safe, The Ninja escaped into the night.

After arriving in Koga Clan's Secret Village, he met with a fellow clan member Ayame. They talk about the important documents and the Iga clan plots. Still, there could be someone manipulating these chance meetings.

As it turns out the Ninja belonged to the Branch Family of the Koga Clan. He left and opened this secret village in the Kanto Mountains because he wanted to live in secret from his clan's many enemies. He hopes that ninjutsu can be used as a force for justice as there are plenty of people in his village who had knowledge in peaceful applications for ninjutsu.

Saizou, the right-hand man of the Ninja, accepted a mission from the Shadow Boss to assassinate a politician who's heading to a certain country because he's a traitor willing to line his pockets with money and let Japan succumb to a military invasion. Saizou has his doubts, so The Ninja and a pair of his companions decide to meet up with the Iga Clan. The Ninja picked Kasumi and Gounen as they were his finest warriors. Saizou will stay behind and guard the village. He requests that the Ninja to not die.

The ninja trio meet up with Lord Urakusai, head of the Iga clan, but the meeting was a trap! Lord Urakusai was the one who made that request in the first place. A flat steel plate attempts to crush the trio, but they escape. A group of enemies attack the trio, but the Ninja attacks them with his Waterfowl Feathers jutsu and sets the feathers on fire with his Fiery Flying Feathers Jutsu. Kirigatani Jindou, the brother of Kirigatani Gendou, attacks the trio. However, the trio defeated him with a combination of The Ninja's Absolute Zero jutsu and a kunai stab from Kasumi's knife, but the price of victory is Gounen's life.

The heir to the Koga Clan showed up, callously mocking Gounen's sacrifice. As it turns out, the Iga Clan was using him like a puppet. By accident, he called Kasumi an old hag, causing her to blow him away with just a palm blast. Urakusai, seeing the boy's failure, used a psychokinetic jutsu on the boy and forced him to mentally relive his trauma. He did the same to Kasumi and The Ninja, causing them to relive their pasts as well.

The Ninja flashbacks to the time he learned the Binding Spider-Web jutsu. One day, he freed a butterfly from a spider's trap, only to discover the dead spider the next day. He learned that the world is made up of lies. The concepts of fear, pain, and sorrow are unique to the human mind, but the world is immune to all that and constantly changes. Whenever he pulls off that technique, he secretly thinks, "If you’ll be all alone no matter whose side you’re on, there’s no reason for me not to do everything I can in order to survive in this world."

Back in the present, Kasumi awakens The Ninja by blinding Urakusai with her Firefly Light jutsu after talking about the importance of their friendship. They quickly flee back to their secret village. Urakusai purposely let The Ninja flee for some reason.

The Ninja finds an injured Saizou in his mansion, but Ayame says that The Ninja should not be fooled. Saizou pulls off a mind-breaking jutsu on Ayame, forcing her to commit suicide. As it turns out, everything bad that has happened so far was planned by Saizou because Saizou is a spy from the head branch of the Koga Clan who observed The Ninja, even before his birth. Saizou confirmed this and proclaims his loyalty to the leader of the Koga Clan head branch. He then challenges The Ninja to one last battle.

Like Ayame before her, Kasumi sacrifices her life to stop Saizou. As The Ninja grieves over the lives lost, he rants on how Saizou betrayed his trust. Saizou retorts that he's annoyed and plans to stab The Ninja with his knife. Just as Saizou charges at The Ninja, The Ninja uses the Order and Betrayal at Will Jutsu, switching places with Saizou at the last second and stabbing him to death. There is a chest wound on The Ninja as he acted too late because of Saizou's betrayal.

After he asks Saizou for advice, The Ninja is told to never let his emotions rule over him and to find a new purpose in life. After saying that, Saizou happily passes away, freed from his Koga Clan obligations.

While grieving for his fallen friends 49 days later, Satan offers a deal and the Ninja accepts, causing him to join the Devil Chojin.


Golden Mask Arc

A ninjutsu chōjin. Nicknamed Shōnetsu Jigoku (焦熱地獄 Tapana Naraka (Scorching Hell)). He was one of the Devil Knights who served Akuma Shogun and stole the Golden Mask of the Kinniku Tribe. When the Devil Knights retreated into Warsman's body for the Five-Story Ring battle, he fought Brocken Jr. Although he had the advantage throughout the fight, Brocken won in the end when he threw the both of them over the side of the ring. As they fell, Ninja disguised himself as Brocken so Robin Mask (in the next ring down) would save him. Robin only had time to save one Brocken and, fortunately, he grabbed the real one, causing Ninja to be killed when he was impaled on Junkman's spikes.

The Chojin Blood Oath Brigade's Formation!

The Ninja appeared again when he was invited to join Kinnikuman Soldier's team alongside Asuraman, Brocken Jr. and Buffaloman. [4] As expected from Justice Chojin, Buffaloman and Brocken Jr. want to join Soldier's team, but Asuraman and The Ninja aren't on board with that idea. According to Asuraman, Buffaloman is too easily swayed by his emotions, which is why he never became a Devil Knight despite having exceptional talent. [4]

Kinnikuman Soldier shows up and interrupts Asuraman and The Ninja's departure. In response, The Ninja tries to read Kinnikuman Soldier's mind with his Expose the Heart jutsu, but there's nothing to read. Unlike the other Fated Princes, Soldier has no ambition to destroy his opponents and take over the throne. [4]

Asuraman gets into a fight against Soldier, but Soldier easily fends him off. Soldier even escaped the Asura Buster in a similar fashion to Kinnikuman and counters with a Dragon Cube Suplex. Buffaloman deduces why Soldier would pick those four. Pride is their main characteristic. According to Asuraman, "all four chojin are bull headed guys who won't listen to anyone". [4]

Asuraman asks if Soldier is a fake Soldier and Soldier confirms this theory. He ambushed the real Soldier's team while they were training near Mt. Fuji and stole the real Soldier's mask. The fake Soldier explains that he joined the tournament because the Friendship Power the Justice Chojin use is a sham and that the pride that they share can bring out their true strength. [4]

Asuraman wants Soldier to prove why this team of outcasts would make an excellent team. Soldier tells him to be silent. A real man would never talk so much. Instead, he'd silently watch the result with his own eyes. Asuraman follows up with his Tornado Hell, but Soldier dodges, causing the building already worn down by the Rolling Cube Suplex to collapse on top of them. Soldier heals them all with a Face Flash. With this act, Soldier convinced them to join his team for the upcoming tournament. [4]

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc

When Kinnikuman's right to the Kinniku Throne was challenged by five pretenders to the throne, Ataru Kinniku forms a team of five people to fight in a tournament to determine who shall be king of Planet Kinniku. [5] Buffaloman - sans his horns - arrives at the house of Brocken Jr., along with Asuraman and The Ninja. Ataru asks them to join his team, as well as to meet him at Nagoya Castle in three days time, and - during that time - they watch him from a distance to ascertain his character. [5]

After Ataru defeats Bockman and saves a boy, Buffaloman and the others decide to join his team. [6] They proceed to enter Nagoya Castle and face against Team Phoenix, as they announce they have formed The Chojin Blood Oath Brigade. [7] After the defeat of The Ninja and Asuraman, Nagoya and Himeji Castles fly away from their locations and join as one structure. [8]

The Ninja volunteers for the first match, as he materialises within the ring. Satan Cross is his opponent, who appears in the ring and lifts the Ninja high for a body slam, but the Ninja counters with a Loyalty-and-Betrayal Jutsu, which switches their places and body-slams Satan Cross. [7] Satan Cross follows with an Avalanche-Style Tombstone Driver, but - as the Ninja's head pierces the canvas - an array of feathers flies out, which the Ninja reveals he placed their before the match. [9] He proceeds to use a Water Fowl Feather Jutsu. [10]

The feathers act as a diversion, and the Ninja asks Ataru Kinniku for advice, at which point his team move the position of their chairs to send signals for his next strategy. The V-formation signals for the Ninja to carry on, and he uses a Hellfire Feather Jutsu, which causes flames to scorch Satan Cross. After Satan Cross rises high in the air, he explodes into pieces, and an x-formation reveals to the Ninja that this is a trap. The Ninja narrowly avoids a knee-drop from above, as Satan Cross revealed that - after set aflame - he rose above the lights and cast down his flaming clothes with a puppet, so that he could trick the Ninja. [10]

Satan Cross throws the fabric from his arm-band onto the ring, which expands into what he calls his "Miracle Sheet", but - from the holes in the sheet - water spurts upward. It creates a fog about the ring, which renders Satan Cross invisible and makes the Ninja unable to make contact. Satan Cross then uses his four legs to land four rolling savates at once, but the Ninja works out that the real Satan Cross is always just a little further away than the mirages caused within the mist. [10] Several minutes pass without either making a move. [11]

Impatient, the Ninja forces Satan Cross from a pillar behind the ring and engages in an Abarash Hold, but it proves to be a false body once more. Disguised as the Ninja's shadow, Satan Cross takes him into a back-drop. Satan Cross then makes many illusions appear at once. The Ninja uses a Spider Thread Wind Chime, which allows him to capture Satan Cross and use a Rolling Back Skewering, and Satan Cross counters with a Midnight Sheet and a Midnight Ocean. [11] A Chojin Life-Buoy forces the Ninja deep into the water. [12]

The Ninja starts to drown, but decides to reveal Satan Cross' weakness for his team's sake. He expels water from his mouth, shooting them both out of the water and crashing into the lights, before he whistles and glowing creatures leave the ocean to attach to his body. The Ninja then proceeds to freeze the waters below, before lassoing Satan Cross' body with ice whips, but the artificial light means that the nighttime effect of the Midnight attacks fades off, and this means that the ice starts to melt. [12]

Satan Cross reveals that he has two bodies, which were combined as one, and they both take the Ninja into a Triangle Dreamer. [12] The Ninja's team try to encourage him, but Satan Cross splits the Ninja's body into two pieces and his corpse falls among his teammates into the stands. [13] The Ninja apologies to his team, but dies peacefully when Ataru reassures him and tells him that his battle was still useful. [13]

He is later brought back to life along with the rest of Team Soldier by Kinnikuman's Face Flash.[14]

Kinnikuman (2011)

Perfect Origin Arc


The Ninja returns to serve his lord General Devil in the Perfect Origin Arc.

During his invasion of Mon Saint Parfait, General Devil proceeds to rotate the Forbidden Mortar backwards, connecting the surface world to the Chojin Graveyard. To General Devil, life and death of a Chojin should only belong to themselves and the Perfect Chojin controlling that is a grave mistake. The Perfect Chojin have grown arrogant ever since they followed that foolish custom for a 1000 years. The leader of the Perfect Chojin is a monster now. General Devil's mission is to stop the leader and make sure he'll never return.

When he stops, General Devil says that no one will be coming back to life. As cracks appear in the ceiling of the Chojin Graveyard, he tells his elite minions, the Devil Knights, that they can enter. With a dynamic entry, the Devil Knights appear and start attacking. As a show of strength, The Ninja does the Betrayal at Will Jutsu with two Graveyard Demons. While the Graveyard Demons are occupied, General Devil plunges further into the Chojin Graveyard.

The Ninja made a cameo as a form Sunshine used before Sunshine revealed himself during his match against Thingman.

The Ninja vs. Crowman

At the Tokyo Silver Pavilion, the Ninja arrives to battle against Crowman. [15] A swarm of crows descend on the pavilion, where they drop stones, and the Ninja catches a stone and realises it's silver. They coat the Silver Pavilion in a shining silver, when Crowman materialises on top of the building. [15] The Ninja begins with a kick, when Crowman teases him for being a student of Goldman. [16]

The two engage in a series of blows, until Crowman uses a Raven Wing Strike, only to realise that he has attacked a log that the Ninja used as a diversion. Crowman pulls a dumbbell from his feathered costume, which he uses to reveal a ring beneath the pavilion. He reveals this pavilion is place where Silverman trained the Ancient Chojin who would go on to become Devil Chojin and Justice Chojin. [16]

Crowman knocks the Ninja into the ring. [17] The Ninja attempts a jutsu, which fails, but Crowman reveals that the Ninja's techniques rely on speed, which he also possesses and thus can counter any jutsu. He proceeds to use a Parrot Back Body Motion on the Ninja, followed by a Crow Beak to the face. Crowman attempts many Crow Beaks, but the Nina begins to dodge them. The Ninja uses another log to evade the attacks, revealing the canvas is covered with feathers shed from Crowman. He uses one of the feathers to use a new jutsu against Crowman. [17]

He coats Crowman in the feathers on the canvas. [18] He attempts to set them aflame, but Crowman uses a Crow Feather Shield, which forms a barrier to stop the flames, and follows with a Raven Wing and a Crow Feather Fireball. This engulfs the Ninja in flames, but he uses his cape to change the canvas into a lake, and dives inside to douse the flames. This is followed by removing the cape to change the canvas into a fiery pit, before using a Back-Flip Skewer. Crowman is sent hurtling into the lava of the pit, but builds a quick nest to protect himself. [18]

The attack is reversed with a Crows Bombs Away, which sends the Ninja into the pit. [18] The Ninja breaks free with an elbow drop and a drop kick, and removes the fiery pit to put back on his cape. [19] It is then the Ninja realises his friends have come to support him. The Ninja states that he does not need their support, as he is fighting as a Devil Chojin for General Devil, and throws a smoke bomb into the ring. He follows with an Air Shuriken, which pins Crowman to a pillar of the ring, before delivering a series of blows against him. [19]

Crowman starts to knock away the shuriken, before countering with a Crow Beak. [20] The Ninja reveals he took the blow on purpose, as it gave him an opening to strike Crowman's chest, and he is prepared to die to obtain victory in battle. Crowman descends again with a Peacock Feather Blade and Crow Beak Scissors, this is finished with a Crow's Prey Skewer. The Ninja then looks out of the ring, where he sees that his friends have assumed a formation to send signals to him on the ring. [20] This triggers his Friendship Power. [21]

The Ninja gains the upper-hand, before trapping Crowman in the ropes. He turns the ropes to steel, which adds extra pressure onto Crowman's body parts, but Crowman uses a Parrot Back Body Motion to break free and trade places with the Ninja. The Ninja realises he cannot win at present, so uses a Ninja Face Copy, which allows the Ninja to copy Crowman's appearance and his skills. They both use attacks that allow them to switch places with their opponents, until Crowman seemingly traps the Ninja in the ropes and dismembers him. The crows feast on the body parts, as the Ninja reveals his true form and that he is the winner. [21]

The Crowman is thus defeated and killed. [22]

The Ninja takes the dumbbell from Crowman and leaves with a jutsu. [22]

Kinnikuman Nisei

Years later, The Ninja forms the Chōjin Untouchables (超人特別機動警察隊(アンタッチャブル)) with Ataru Kinniku (Kinnikuman Soldier); in eighteen years they arrested over three-hundred villains, but - ten years previous to Kinnikuman Nisei they disbanded, and The Ninja became a bounty-hunter.[23] The Ninja was the one to make the arrest on Hanzo; Hanzo also killed his top-student Kokumo. [24]

He first appears at the Superhuman Council Headquarters on Planet Kinniku, where he speaks directly to Ataru Kinniku, and expresses great concern that Ataru released Hanzo for the upcoming trial Mantaro faces. [23] He reveals that he will do anything in his power to stop the fight and protect Mantaro, where they fight and then flee to Kiyomizu Temple to battle. [25] They battle long and hard, until Hanzo employs psychological tactics by making The Ninja see his deceased student and he taunts him with this 'puppet'. [26][27] The Ninja then has his face removed by Hanzo and is murdered. [27]

The Ninja falls into a bottomless pit, while Hanzo drinks his blood from his bleeding face, and his scarf flutters up to be taken by Mantaro. [28] He also leaves a letter telling people not to look for his corpse, but comes back as a spirit to tell Mantaro to believe in his potential and to be like his father. [28] He appears as a ghost one more time to Mantaro, during his match with Hanzo, and inspires him to continue to fight. [29]

His spirit reappears during the Demon Seed Arc to encourage Hanzo during his fight against Gepparland. Whether or not he is revived by the Reborn Diamond with the other fallen Justice Chojin is unknown as he has not been seen since.


Order and Betrayal At Will (順逆自在の術)

  • In the midst of an opponent's attack, The Ninja moves at super speed and switches places with his opponent.

Burning Hell (焦熱地獄)

Ninja Art: Binding Spider Web (忍法・蜘蛛糸縛り)

  • The Ninja grabs onto the ring ropes one by one and wraps them around his opponent. With his opponent trapped and defenceless in the middle of the ring, he begins attacking them.

Body Manipulation Jutsu (身体あやつりの術)

Area Transfer Jutsu (転所自在の術)

  • The Ninja takes out a sheet that covers the entire mat and gives it a new surface, from water to a volcano opening.

Shuriken Stomping (手裏剣ストンピング}}

Ninja Art: Face Copy (忍法顔写し)

  • The Ninja takes an imprint of his opponent's face and uses it to transform into a complete copy of them.

Ninja Art: Waterfowl Feather Ring Jutsu(忍法・水鳥羽輪の術)

  • The Ninja produces hundreds of feathers from within the wrestling ring, has them float in ring shapes and then envelope and stop the opponent.

Hellfire Feather Ring Jutsu (業火羽輪の術)

Spinning Back Skewering (背転田楽刺し)

Dark Spider Drop (闇蜘蛛落とし)

Ninja Art: Absolute Zero (忍法絶対零度)

Ninja Art: Binding Water Tomb(忍法氷華葬い縛り)

Shuriken Stab(彎月手裏剣刺し)

Crescent Skewer (彎月田楽刺し)

Expose the Heart Jutsu

  • The Ninja attempts to read his opponent's mind by jabbing his finger into their forehead. Used against Kinnikuman Soldier during the Secret Story of the Chojin Blood Oath Brigade's Formation! one-shot.

Career Record



  • One of the Six Devil Knights
  • Chojin Blood Brigade - Advance Guard


  • A True Ninja of Japan (日本の正統忍者, Nihon no Seitou Ninja)
  • Red Hot Japanese Ninja (灼熱の日本忍者, Shakunetsu no Nihon Ninja)
  • Policeman of Crying Children and Silent Tenacity (泣く子も黙る執念の警官(ポリス), Nakuko mo Damaru Shuunen no Porisu)
  • The Man of A Thousand Jutsu (千の術を持つ男, Sen no Jutsu wo Motsu Otoko)

Win/Loss Record

  • O Unknown number of opponents
  • X Brocken Jr. (Michizure Jigoku)
  • X Satan Cross (Triangle Dreamer)
  • O Crowman (Binding Spider Web)
  • X Hanzo (Ghastly Arm Blade "Face Snatcher")



  • Submitted by: Kobayashi of Tokyo.
  • Theme Song: "Japanese Magic (ジャパニーズ・マジック)" by Yurikago Kai & Kōrogi '73


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