The Ruralman (ザ☆農村マン) is the opponent of Mantaro Kinniku in the Japanese preliminaries of the Chojin Crown, and later his second/trainer.


A farmer who loses the Japanese preliminaries to Kinniku Mantaro, and who later acts as a second to Mantaro during the Chojin Crown Finals after Meat is injured. He and he has JA on his shirt in the manga and こめ in the anime. In the English dub, he is known as "El Nino".


(More to Come)

When Mantaro grows disheartened, The Ruralman offers him reassurance and says that he will signal when it is time to use the Muscle Millennium, with the signal being "rich harvest". [1] Mantaro later worries when seeing The Ruralman so casual and relaxed. [2] After Mantaro uses the technique despite not receiving the signal, The Ruralman cries in response to the defeat and apologises to Meat Alexandria for having failed as a Mantaro's second. [3]


Thresh Suplex

Rice Harvest Savate

Straw Hat Revolution

Guillotine Leg Drop

Career Information 

Win/Loss Record (Single)
  • X Mantaro Kinniku (Turnover Kinniku Buster)


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