The Skyscraper (ザ・摩天楼, Za Matenrō) is a chojin that fights against in the Chojin Olympics.


A chōjin made from a stretchable 110-story high hotel, he can deliver deadly power bombs. He was defeated by Ricardo with the Torture Slash in the first match of the first round of "B" block in the Chojin Olympics. He was defeated within 26 minutes and 9 seconds.


The Skyscraper is assigned to B Block, where he is due to fight Ricardo in one of the first rounds in the Chojin Olympics - this match-up is decided by a pachinko machine. [1] He fights in Hakata, Fukuoka . [2] The specific match takes place on the roof of Iwatoya Department Store, Tenjin Fukuoka - Mantaro Kinniku and Meat Alexandria act as guest commentators for his match. [2] Terry the Kid acts as his second. [2]

The odds are in favour of The Skyscraper by 6 to 4, but he and Ricardo are both reluctant to make the first move in battle. [3] Ricardo finally makes the first move, but The Skyscraper uses the Big Boots attack, but Ricardo evades and manages a kick to his head. This is followed by a brief exchange of blows between them. [3] Ricardo eventually manages to rip off The Skyscraper's hand. [4] He is defeated within 26 minutes and 9 seconds by Ricardo, who manages to tear his body in half. [5]


Hi-Scraper Bomb

The Skyscraper lifts the opponent in a Power Bomb position, while elongating his body to become taller. After he reaches a suitable height, he caves back into a his original position. slamming the opponent with great impact.
Big Boot
With the opponent rushing at him he lifts his feet yakuza kick style and kicks the opponent with his big boots.




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