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"The Warrior in the Dohyo" is a special one-shot featuring Wolfman.


Wolfman attends his retirement ceremony, which takes place at a sumo stadium. Each of his friends cut an inch of his hair in turn, until there is no hair left, and - at that point - he is challenged by an American wrestler named Black Ship. This leads to an impromptu fight, which Wolfman wins, and he ends the day with the support of the crowd.


Wolfman has his retirement ceremony. [1] It takes place in Ryugoku Sumo Hall, during the 1980's. He invites his family and friends to cut his top-knot inch by inch, as part of the ceremony, but the only Idol Chojin in attendance is Geronimo. Kinnikuman cannot attend, due to having assumed royal duties, while the other Idol Chojin as taking a compulsory break in healing pods (see: Kinnikuman 2011). Cubeman asks why he is retiring. [1]

Wolfman reveals that his leg has been injured over the years, and the doctor cannot heal his injury, so instead recommends that he become a teacher. When it comes to Kani Base's turn, he accidentally cuts off the entire top-knot. Luckily, Coyoteman manages to save the ceremony by brandishing the scissors and holding the removed top-knot high in the air. Wolfman is then awarded a special certificate for his services. [1]

A rival American sumo-chojin appears. His name is Black Ship, and he has destroyed Specialman and Canadianman. Black Ship proceeds to beat up Meat Alexandria, and bets all his medals on a match against Wolfman, who accepts his proposition. Geronimo tosses Wolfman his top-knot, which fixes itself back upon his head, and - as both Wolfman and Black Ship stand at the same time - Wolfman loses the initial clash. Black Ship keeps hitting Wolfman's injured leg, and Wolfman nearly falls out of the ring, before he uses Black Ship's loin-cloth as something to grab to stay in the ring. [1]

Black Ship attempts a Choke Slam, but Wolfman counters with a Clasped Hands Twist. This results in an absolute victory for Wolfman, as Black Ship breaks through the ground with the power of the throw, and Wolfman reveals a true sumo wrestler needs Friendship Power. The crowd cheers his name and celebrates his victory with him. [1]


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