The Young Masters (ザ・坊ちゃんズ(ヤングマスターズ) The Bōchans) is a tag team made up of Mantaro Kinniku and Kevin Mask.


Demon Seed Arc

The Demon Seed reveal there are General Palasts across Japan, and - after using tentacles to kidnap the Army of Idols - take their individual opponents to their specific Palasts. [1] The General Palast breaks into five pieces, with each Death-Match Room going to the new locations. [2]

After a hellish battle, Scarface is placed inside Voltman's oven body and burnt to a crisp. A rematch is scheduled, but this time Kevin teams up with Mantaro as The Young Masters (ザ・坊ちゃんズ The Botchans). They are given a few days to train for the match, but instead of sparring with Check Mate and Jade like suggested, Kevin goes off on his own.

The day of the rematch comes and Kevin and Mantaro enter the Demon Womb, fighting in a ring atop hundreds of Chojin corpses, including the fallen Idol Choujin. Kevin dedicates the fight to Scar and focuses mainly on Voltman. As the fight gets underway it soon becomes a handicap match against Voltman, with Kevin receiving more damage than Mantaro. Eventually they are able to defeat Voltman with their combo technique the Niku→Lap. Kevin saves Meat's right leg but then passes out from exhaustion, falling out of the ring and to his death. Later, when Mantaro falls out of the ring, Kevin and the other fallen Idol Chojin's souls help him back to the ring.

After Mantaro defeats Ashuraman and Meat is revived, Kevin and the others are revived by the Reborn Diamond. However, as the Demon Womb collapses, Kevin is the only one too exhausted to make it out in time. Kinnikuman then runs it at the last second and saves Kevin, saying that he'd never be able to face Robin Mask again if he let his son die twice

Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament

He wins against The Machineguns with Kevin Mask replacing his former teammate, Chaos, when Chaos is murdered. Kevin and Mantaro eventually win the final round against the Five Disasters. They go on to return to their present time. This ends the manga.


A tag technique done with Mantaro Kinniku. While Mantaro performs a Kinniku Buster on an opponent, Kevin performs an OLAP on the same opponent.

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Tag Team)


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