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Thingman is a member of the Perfect Chojin, and one of the Perfect Origin.


Thingman is one of the Perfect Origins. Nickname "Perfect Eighth". A large, metallic Chojin made out of an indestructible material from outer space. In present times, he fights the Devil Knight Sunshine, who despite almost destroying him, he felt for the Devil Chojin trap, leading to his defeat.


As with other Perfect Chojin, he looks down to the other factions and consider them inferior. But that doesn’t mean he treats them with hate or condescendent. He is also an honorable yet naive fighter, since he tried to execute Sunshine after he told him to, but only managed to help his rival instead. He can also be quite stubborn, as seen when he stay still even after his defeat.


He is an enormous metalic chojin with a humanoid look. Has a a pair of big shoulder pads that hides his chainsaw mechanism. His body is colored in a metalic purple, made o fan extraterrestrial material, so hard and Stern that can’t be damage or dent by Earth objects. He has an odd shaped head, and his face consists on a pair of angry eyes and a mouth.



Thingman was one of the only Perfect Chojin that survived the Capillary Rays during the ancient times, and he lived in peace until "inferior" chojin appeared on the Earth's surface. [1] Thingman agrees with Ganman that they should purge the new chojin, but The Man disagrees and instead suggests that they should instate themselves as new gods among the new and inferior chojin. [1] Thingman - along with the others - then created the Chojin Graveyard. [2]

Kinnikuman 2011

Perfect Origin Arc

Thingman vs. Sunshine

The match takes place at the Statue of Liberty. [3]

It appears as if the Ninja has returned, but it is revealed to be Sunshine. [3] Sunshine jumps in search of his opponent, but they catch him by surprise and get him in a lock, until Sunshine breaks free and they both land on different sections of the statue. [4] Thingman summons a hurricane of sand, which erodes the Statue of Liberty and transforms it into a statue of a Perfect Chojin. [4] They are to fight within the ring that exists on the palm of the transformed statue, and the two finally clash within upon the canvas. [5]

The two start evenly matched, until Thingman delivers a blow to Sunshine's neck. Sunshine begins to turn to sand, which allows him to return to normal, and uses his sand to counter against punches to the chest and a middle-kick to his abdomen. Thingman attempts a power-bomb, along with a Thing Demolition Wave, and the latter releases a metallic sound that reduces Sunshine to a pile of sand, but Sunshine rebuilds his body.

Sunshine throws Thingman against the statue, who retaliates with an Extreme Shoulder Armoury, which leads Sunshine to attempt a Cursed Roller. [5] The attack fails, as Thingman's previous attack has turned Sunshine from sand into concrete, and Thingman is able to deliver a series of blows, as he gains the upper-hand. [6] Thingman attempts a German Suplex, but Sunshine blocks the move with one arm, and retaliates with a body-scissors, before delivering many blows and finishing with a Death Valley Bomb.

Thingman reveals his body is made from a meteorite, as such he cannot be easily damaged, and uses a Shoulder Armoury Disc Cutter. He uses the ropes of the ring to crack parts of Sunshine's body, and his Thing Demolition Wave then breaks open the cracks and sends Sunshine crumbling to the canvas. [6] Sunshine's head proceeds to cry, as he struggles to regenerate his body, and - begging for death - allows Thingman to reduce him to nothing but sand, after destroying his head. [7] Thingman gathers his sand up in the canvas, but - before he can toss Sunshine's remains into the see - the canvas appears to catch fire.

The iron and sand in the small canvas, which is spun around fast, creates a scientific effect that leads to a vast amount of heat. Sunshine recombines into a red-hot giant key, which he inserts into part of his body and restores himself to normality with a Sand Hell. Sunshine then turns into sand and reappears behind Thingman, where he destroys his Extreme Shoulder Armoury with his bare hands. [7] Thingman tries to retaliate, but Sunshine uses a Sand Cemetery Press. [1] This defeats Thingman, who collapses onto the ring.

Sunshine takes Thingman's dumbbell. [1] After a confession by Ganman about the origins of the Perfect Origin, Sunshine smashes the dumbbell into his head, before he knocks Thingman out of the ring and returns the Statue of Liberty to its previous state. [2]


Thing Demolition Wave

  • Using his arm, Thingman clashed his arm together to send out destructive sound wave. The sound wave was strong enough to crumble Sunshine's body (even when he was cover in concrete) to make the audience block their ears in pain despite the fact he was standing at the palm of Statue of Liberty.

Extreme Shoulder Armory

  • By using his shoulders's armory, Thingman can turn a solid substance into it liquid form. By using the Statue of Liberty's concrete, Thingman can turn it into liquid and spray it on Sunshine's body, turn him into concrete

Shoulder Armory Disc Cutter

  • Upon his shoulders are a pair of rotating blades called the Disc Cutter. Thingman can cut his opponent's with it. But due to being make from the similar material as himself, the Disc Cutter can also be use to damage Thingman's indestructible body, which lead to his downfall.

Career Record


  • Perfect Eighth (完璧・捌式)

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

  • X Sunshine (Complete Sand Cemetery Press)



  • Laugh: "Gira-Gira" (ギラギラ)


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