• Can you please leave deleted pages deleted?

    We don't need stubs, and if people do have content, they can create their own when they're ready. 

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    • Please leave them as is. This isn't Wikipedia, this is meant to be exhaustive. I can understand removing fan art, but you have been deleting things that have official Yudetamago art and characters with stats. Even stubs can be expanded... many of the best articles here started that way. evan1975 (talk) 16:30, April 21, 2019 (UTC)

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    • There is no need for them to exist. 

      It looks unprofessional, takes up space, and provides no information to people. I've left up ones in which people have made effort, or that could be expanded, but no one is going to look up - or has looked up - random background characters (some of which have never been used). Soutenkyuu has extensive experience on various fandom wikis and I'm sure they also agree. If there was even just a paragraph of information, it'd be useful and worth keeping up, but most are bare minimum sentences (if that). 

      Edit: Added to that, most deleted aren't even in the series at all, I don't see how they can be expanded, unless - at a future date - they are used . . . in which case, we can create them again. 

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    • I'll consider what you say. I was never happy with those Kinnikuman Lady character pages, for instance. But yes, M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors do look up some of the obscure ones that Kinkeshi were made of. When the new book comes out a month from now, it should give us a ton of new info on characters, even the obscure ones. By the way, do you know how to fix Categories? For example, I've always wanted consistent spelling across the wiki. I've always wanted to fix "Choujin" to "Chojin" in the categories. evan1975 (talk) 16:49, April 21, 2019 (UTC)

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    • I think you make a fair point, but I wonder maybe we could instead do what was done with Kinnikuman Lady? We have a page dedicated to unused characters, and - as I was the one to delete - I don't mind doing the work to go back and add their stats to that page. 

      I'm not sure, to be honest, and that's been bugging me, too. I'll look up now if there's a way to change categories en masse, as opposed to one at a time, and get back to you once I find out. 

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    • Categories can be changed en masse by using a bot. I could look into implementing one if you guys would like? Failing that we'd just have to do it the good old fashioned way, haha! 

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    • That'd be a life-saver, Soutenkyuu! Thank you :) 

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    • OK, that sounds fair about consolidating unused character images/data to the dedicated page. I've experimented with those renaming bots. At the time, it would only allow you to do so many at a time. Sometimes it would time out in the middle of a job which was frustrating. evan1975 (talk) 17:02, April 21, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Evan1975 wrote:
      OK, that sounds fair about consolidating unused character images/data to the dedicated page. I've experimented with those renaming bots. At the time, it would only allow you to do so many at a time. Sometimes it would time out in the middle of a job which was frustrating. evan1975 (talk) 17:02, April 21, 2019 (UTC)

      I'm just working on that now, but it might take a while to catch up. 

      In the meantime, I did find this wiki:

      I would think it the first port of call for collectors, with some responsibility being on that wiki to update with basic character stats, but I acknowledge - with it seemingly being out-of-use - here can be an important place for people to find any lacking information, such as stats. 

      I'll have a look for more up-to-date M.U.S.C.L.E. wikis later, as a well-kept one could be a good one to link to as a resource for people on the main page :) 

      Touch wood, one will be available :) 

      • * * 

      I'll see if I can look into the bots, too. 

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    • Okay, so I managed to add a bot to rename categories, which seems to work fine, and I've created an account specifically to use it (I've contacted Fandom staff so they can add a bot flag to it). This way, going forward, I'll be able to change categories using the bot without it clogging the wiki activity feed or articifically bumping up edit counts. :) 

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    • Would it be possible to start with changing - as Evan suggested - 'choujin' to 'chojin', please?

      Thank you so immensely, if so :) I vastly appreciate it :-D

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    • Yeah, that's the one I tested so all pages in "choujin" have been moved to "chojin". Next, I guess, would be "Robo Chojin", "Seigi Chojin" etc. 

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    • Hey, Evan!

      Sorry about my tone earlier in the initial messages; I was in a rush, and I think it came across more curt than intended. I took on board what you said, and figured that adding the stats and images (the non-fanart ones) to the Unused Characters page was a good compromise. It's all updated and now ready to look at here:

      I also used the categories "M.U.S.C.L.E" and "Kinkeshi", as you mentioned collectors using the wiki to get character stats, and I thought that way they won't miss it, as well as it being easier to find overall. The old pages have been deleted, which I think clears up the wiki and keeps it tidy, and makes things easier to find (and 'Random Article' more fun for users). 

      I think I've caught everything, but if I missed any deleted articles, do let me know :) 

      I'll add anything I missed to that page first thing tomorrow :)

      Thanks again, and sorry for any earlier issues. 

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    • That other Wiki is pretty amazing, and I'd wanted to do something like that with the Kinkeshi, but didn't know how. I admit I made pages for some extremely minor characters like just because they had Kinkeshi. I also had a policy about not allowing the celebrity-created joke chojin that I hope you guys agree with. If we allowed those, it would really clutter things up.

      I admit I get a little spooked when I see either mass-deletions or mass-edits. There has been a LOT of vandalism that I've had to deal with here that makes me skittish. Someday I'd like to restore some of the canon characters and fix up the articles. But I'm kinda busy with holiday crap and can't get to it today. 🐰🐇 evan1975 (talk) 21:36, April 21, 2019 (UTC)

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    • It would be pretty great if the other wiki were more up-to-date, as then we could direct people there for Kinkeshi and keep things clear here for other mediums, but I don't know enough about the Kinkeshi - or have enough references - to be able to volunteer over there ^_^() I'm sure there's a Kinkeshi list somewhere, though? I'm wondering if we can find that and use it to start a Kinkeshi page of some sort. I'll have to look later, though ^_^()

      I can totally understand not allowing the joke-chojin, too; I did tweak the note just slightly, so it sounded more impartial, but I agree fully with you that it's worth keeping in place :) 

      Again, I am sorry about the lack of communication beforehand, and I can fully understand your concern. I think I was focused on trying to tidy up the wiki from stubs and empty pages, but I should have discussed it with you first, as it would have given you a chance to explain the pages' purpose and move the stats over first (and saved me a job later fixing my mistake, lol). I'm going to go through the other character list later, as a head's up, and move the stats of similar pages over, as there seems to be a fair few other stubs I missed that would go well there. 

      Happy Easter to you, though! And I hope you have an amazing time :) 

      If you do get a chance to fix up some articles, it'd be great to see them and the new content :)

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