• I am very sorry to bug you here. 

    I feel the situation with Evan1975 is escalating, and I do not feel comfortable with him as a staff member. He is employing hyperbole like "constantly making mistakes" to refer to a recent mix-up with one image, and then proving his own biases and mistakes with further claiming a character is "gay" with no seeming evidence (and still insisting on terms like "effeminate" and "Arabs"). He is resorting to personal attacks in a passive-aggressive manner, such as insinuating I know little about the source material (despite being the only person adding stories - with references - to Nisei pages).

    He refuses to communicate with me, despite me reaching out to him several times, and being ignored or having him not read the message (so responding briefly to something else and not the question that was asked). He still does not do any real work to the wiki or any substantial edits. I also believe my other complaints also still stand, and I also question why he was blocked on the Japanese language wiki (which appears to be a red flag to me with his current behaviour). 

    I shouldn't have to dread logging off, lest I get an alert - or simply return - to what he may do next . . . whether undoing work without consultation, complaining to staff without even attempting communication, or making passive-aggressive comments towards me and warping the truth. 

    We also do not need for more than one or two admin in a community this small, and I feel that Soutenkyuu - with extensive work to themes, sliders, formats, etc. - a much better administrator and one that is actually often available to help with the community. I would feel more comfortable working with them, and then promoting a more active user at a later date, should the community grow over time. I do not feel safe with Evan1975 on staff, especially with biphobic assumptions and homophobic assertions, and what feels like racism in his references to race. 

    If a decision could be reached, I would be most grateful. 

    Thank you very much in advance. 

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    • As you can see Kirkburn, this person is a hysterical control freak. I do not appreciate him trying to libel me in an obvious power play. I am an actual minority and I don't appreciate an ableist trying to talk down to me. This wiki was never abandoned, you can check the records and see that I constantly kept it maintained. He is the one that hijacked it and started deleting everything without asking me permission. KevinVolkov is the one that needs to be removed. I have no issues with Soutenkyuu, he seems to have great technical skill. I also have sent you a message to reinstate two admins that should never have been removed.

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    • I've temporarily blocked them for a day, until this can be resolved. I don't appreciate being personally attacked. You can also see in the other thread that I reached out to them, only to be insulted and slandered here. 

      I'd also object to the "two admins" be reinstated, as they were never here in all the time I've been a user here, and I've no idea who they are or what they've done or even why they were removed. I'm not even sure why this is even only now an issue, especially when Evan himself told be he *didn't* want more administrators, but now seems to have changed his tune. 

      Edit: Taken from Fandom itself: "It is never okay to harass or abuse anyone on the wiki". That a staff member would attack someone personally with insults like a "hysterical control freak" horrifies me. We're supposed to be impartial and professional and good examples for users. I hope their responses here speaks for itself as to why they should be removed. 

      Second Edit: I have reached out directly to him again on his page, but - at this point - I would still like to demote him (with fandom permission) for all the outlined reasons . . . I still hope that he will talk to me, though, so we can at least be civil and Evan feel more at rest, as this is a community fandom and it worries me that he seems to have such animosity 

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    • Sorry to keep jumping in, but yeah, there’s really no need for name-calling—it’s really important that this is settled civilly. I hope Kirkburn or another member of Fandom staff will be able to intervene soon to help resolve the matter.

      Also, I think it’s worth mentioning, when an a wiki is adopted, any staff that have been inactive for over a year are removed (this is mentioned on the wikia adoption request page). That’s why the previous two admins are no longer admins.

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    • As mentioned in my edit, I reached out to Evan. 

      He proceeded to refuse to talk to me, while also making violent demands, and took on an extremely aggressive tone. He also made the accusation that I had called him a "bigot", and has not responded to me since that point, even after I have messaged him in response. I believe I have done all that I can to resolve this point, including offering to ask Soutenkyuu to break the tie between us, to use the colloquial term, and have messaged her to see what is her opinion. 

      I feel that Evan is determined to hate me, no matter what I do at this point. 

      His violence and aggression also concerns me. 

      I would ask again for permission to demote him from his position. 

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    • Sountenkyuu has offered a compromise on the message thread upon my wall. 

      I agreed and am working to restore content that could be expanded. 

      Evan has only since replied to say that he refuses to speak to me and nothing else. I left him a message on his wall, to update him to the situation, but I would very much like to demote him after how this has escalated and his various lies about me and personal attacks. My previous points still stand, but I feel he has only added to my concerns, especially with his refusal to be civil and engage in an open discussion about matters. 

      Edit: I just tweaked his block to three days, which should hopefully cover the time it takes for staff to reply with a decision, at which point I'll remove the block and proceed as advised by yourselves . . . I just put a pre-listed reason this time, but you can see I added full custom reasons to the previous two (due to a glitch, the one to extend by a day did not take). 

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    • I have since listened to Soutenkyuu and DaHumorist. 

      They both explained their positions very well, made fair points, and were extremely polite. I have restored everything that could potentially be expanded; episodes, chapters, tag-teams, characters, etc. - it's all there and all back, even though (personally) I'd have left them. I recgonise this is a community project and never intended for anyone to feel their contributions did not count. The difference of opinion appears to be settled, with fair compromises all around. 

      The only problem remains to be Evan . . . 

      I have left those that could not be expanded, as I maintain my previous assertions, and Soutenkyuu appears to agree this is an acceptable stance (but I will check with her just be to safe in a moment). This past week I have constantly been in communication with yourself, Evan, Sountenkyuu, and now DaHumorist- I have compromised, made changes, and apologised where I felt an apology was needed. Evan has made no efforts at all to find a resolution. 

      • He continues to ignore me
      • He demands I concede fully to him with no compromise
      • He took on a highly aggressive and violent tone
      • He resorted to personal insults
      • He outright stated he refuses to talk with me 

      I would ask again for permission to demote Evan. If a second administrator is needed, I think DaHumorist appears to be a polite and fair individual, who has made edits (although frequency of activity would concern me), and there's another user that makes substantial story edits, who seems quite respectable and polite, by the name of Josh6243. I feel we have a decent pool of potential applicants for the administrative position, but what we do not need is someone so volatile and closed to compromise, communication, and changes.

      Evan called me a "control freak", but I have conceded points and apologised for mistakes and constantly sought to make changes that others have suggested, but Evan's only point of communication was: "問答無用. STOP DELETING CONTENT. UNDELETE WHAT YOU HAVE DELETED."

      How can I work alongside that? How can you work with someone that demands things to be done their way, while refusing to listen to your side of things? How can you work with someone willing to shout at you with abrupt and cold demands? I understand that staff like to avoid in-house arguments, with communities resolving things amongst themselves, but I grow more and more concerned, and it's unfair to Evan - even with his aggression - to leave him in a state of limbo and ongoing temporary bans. I feel like something must be done. 

      With that said, I would like to demote him as soon as possible. 

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    • I have temporarily unblocked Evan, as I did not anticipate this would take so long to resolve, and it feels unethical to have him blocked for days at an end, when it was only intended to be a tempoary measure to prevent him from further harassing/insulting people. 

      I would ask again for a decision to be reached. 

      I've asked Evan not to make any restorations/deletions while the block is lifted, and - likewise - I will not make any deletions in turn. There are currently 812 articles - if this number changes, and another user has not made an article or deleted an article, you can be sure one of us is likely responsible and use this of evidence in your case. I do not trust him at this point, but he also likely does not trust me, so I feel this is a good way to keep things in check. 

      Is it okay for me to now demote Evan? 

      Thank you in advance for any decision made. 

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