• I have temporarily banned you for the period of 24 hours. 

    I feel this is necessary, as you have escalated the situation and resorted to personal attacks. It was very hurtful to be insulted in such a manner, especially by an administrator whom is supposed to be a peer and a trustworthy member of the wiki team, and I also still take issue with your other behaviours: racist terminology, ignoring members of the community, etc. (as outlined in the other message thread).

    I will again reach out to you and ask whether you will talk with me. 

    Fandom rules state that the first course of action should be communication with one another, to which you ignored, and I have been nothing but civil and open with you, even offering compromises and doing work that you brought to me (which I was under no obligation to do). I feel I have done everything I can to make this a warm and welcoming environment, but I respect that you disagree with matters and take a differing viewpoint. It would be good for us to talk together.

    You should still be able to post here on your wall, if you wish to resolve the issue. 

    I do wish you the very best, and hope for a resolution

    KevinVolkov (talk) 09:14, May 8, 2019 (UTC)

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    • There is nothing to discuss. 問答無用. STOP DELETING CONTENT. UNDELETE WHAT YOU HAVE DELETED. And you are the one resorting to personal attacks. Everybody can see that you lied about me being a bigot. That's the worst thing on earth to label someone as.

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    • I am going to ask you again to please be civil. 

      I have outlined why I think the deletions are a good idea, and all content has been saved onto the lists (as found on the navigation bar). If you would like, I could send a message to Sountenkyuu to offer an opinion and break our apparent tie on the disagreement? Fandom protocol recommends going to an impartial 3rd party, particularly that of an administrator. Soutenkyuu is also a bureaucrat on other wikis, with vast wiki experience, and would have an informed opinion. 

      You can also see that I did not lie, as everything I posted can be proven in various histories, screenshots and from your own mouth in chats. I feel you often word things in an offensive manner, and I feel your terminology is often problematic. I never once called you a "bigot", as I would not resort to personal attacks, but I do have issues with your words, yes. 

      We cannot resolve matters lest you be open to discussion. 

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    • I will ask Kirkburn if I should continue speaking with you. Because I don't see any point in it right now. You've been trawling through over a decade's worth of my history looking for "ammo" to use against me. I have not cyberstalked you in this manner.

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    • I would hardly call it 'stalking' to have a good memory. 

      I came across a great deal in searching for unrelated content, as well as just generally using the wiki and/or editing the wiki to its current state, and I find it odd that you would make such an accusation. Even had I purposely looked for most of it, which I admit I had to do in order to grab screenshots of things I remembered to prove it true, that it only takes 'google' and ten minutes.

      Everything here is on a public profile. You make it sound like I went onto your Facebook or other wiki pages or something, when all I did was go: "aha, I remember seeing this, and I better use google to find exactly where it went from when I last saw it". 

      But if you feel it better to speak to Kirkburn, I think that's a good idea. 

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    • To add to that:

      If you look to the thread started by Kirkburn, on my page, you will see that Sountenkyuu has suggested a compromise for us that appears the perfect solution. I am thus restoring the pages that could be expanded and are more than just a sentence, but leaving those that cannot be expanded and/or were just a sentence. I hope this solution suits you well? 

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    • To keep you updated:

      Dahumourist expressed concern over episode deletions; he provided a fair reason for restoration, as such they have been restored. I'll work on Soutenkyuu's compromise further later today [in regards to character pages] , but I have already restored - at a guess - around 15 that could be expanded. Does this suit you overall? Do you have any other concerns? 

      Edit: I've restored absolutely everything of the character pages that could be restored, but most are unused characters, fan-submissions in extra-supplementary character books, one-panel background characters, gag characters in one scene, etc. - I've been through several times in complete detail, and can no longer find anything for characters that can realistically be expanded. I have restored what could be expanded and tag-teams and episodes and chapters (anything/everything that was a full article or could be expanded). I've done eveything. 

      I hope this suits you well enough? 

      I understand you are continuing to ignore me, but I am still open to communication. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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