• Big Ramenman fan here living in Tokyo since the time Kinnikuman was nearing the end of its TV run and its first spinoff, Ramenman, started its TV run. Man it was a HUGE deal over here when the manga came out where Kinnikuman was taking his mask off. Bought that one. Thanks for doing what you do up in here, see you around the chats!

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    • Thank you so much for your kindness :)

      It's always great to meet a fellow fan, and also a fan of the wikia, too! Neon Alkaid and I have spent this year trying to get it looking its best, as well as to update as many articles as possible, and it means the world that you're enjoying the wikia, as it means it was time well spent. Thank you :)

      I think - unfortunately - we do need to properly update the articles for the "Ramenman" spin-off, which is a shame as it looks a truly awesome series (both manga and anime)! If you wanted to edit those pages - or any others - you're always more than welcome to join the community, and both Neon Alkaid and I will be happy to help you however we can, too. We're always here to answer questions or help in any way that we can :)

      Thank you again, and wishing you the best!

      We hope you enjoy your stay on the wikia. 

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