• How are you doing?

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    • Hey ya 🙂

      I'm good, thanks. Hope you're doing well, too 👍

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    • sorry mate for bothering you on discord.

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    • No worries.

      I was just uncomfortable with the "banter". There were a lot of times you would start conversations with middle finger emojis, calling me "wanker", or randomly seeming to insult me. I also wasn't sure how to take stuff like you randomly addressing me by my old username, that would have taken some digging, or me saying I disliked zoomer talk in the main server (like "oof" in specific), so starting a conversation with that exact word and screenshotting the server convo at me.

      I understand it was probably in jest, or just sort of banter between lads or whatnot, and maybe I should have been forward instead of just defriending, but I also struggle with that kind of social interaction at the best of times. It's hard to tell whether it's meant to be joking with me or at me, innocent or malicious.

      I'll sort it out a bit later on Discord, as I can't use the site on mobile, but you're owed an explanation and I don't think you're a bad person at all, and I very much always have appreciated your passion and honesty. I'm just often left uncertain as to how some behaviours are meant to be perceived, thus how to best react.

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