A Time Chojin that goes back in time to kill Kevin Mask


Time Chojin No. 2 and the bigger member of the Five Disasters. Like Lightning he is sly but focuses more on brute strength. He usually has the face of a lion and the clothes of a Greek Mythology soldier. His left shoulder guard, which resembles a lion's paw, can be used as a giant claw. His left hand can transform into the Legendary Destruction Bell, but it was destroyed by Geronimo's Apache Death Scream. 



Thunder runs away from his grandmother's home at eight-years old. [2] This is because his mother, Sophie, abandoned him when his time-horn began to grow through as a child, which reminded her of Thunder's conception. He was conceived through rape, when an Evil-Time Chojin invaded the Popyu Village and kidnapped Sophie. The Evil-Time Chojin was eventually caught and executed. [2]

Not long after Chaos Avenir's sixth birthday, Lightning appears alongside Thunder in the Avenir Clan village. [3] They state that they resent being forbidden from using their Time Warp abilities, and proceed to attack the residents of the village, before attempting to murder Minutes Avenir with their Death Watch Branding. This was done in full view of Chaos, who clung to his mother. [3]

After Chaos' mother refuses to join them, they attempt murder upon her, too. [4] Chaos' mother and father tell Chaos to run, but - still alive - this tempts Lightning and Thunder to beat them to death. They decide to let Chaos run away out of the belief that he shall starve to death in the woods alone, now that his village and family have been eradicated. They don disguises and travel back in time to 1983, where they plan to kill all Justice Chojin. [4]

Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament


Thunder first appears alongside Lightning, during the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament. He can be seen reversing the clock, while the Justice Chojin train, and both snap off their horns in order to travel through time. [5] They appear in 1983 at the end of the Dream Chojin Tag Arc, and reveal themselves to be Time Chojin, who then attack Terryman - they proceed to defeat Terryman and Kinnikuman. [6]

They reveal that the New Generation have defeated all Evil Chojin, and even converted many to become Justice Chojin, and they blame the defeat of the older generation of Evil Chojin for the weakness of the new generation. [7] They seek to thus defeat the old Idol Chojin, so that the Evil Chojin of old will survive and prosper, and in turn the Evil of the New Generation will thrive. They ring the Legendary Destruction Bell, forcing the old generation to relive their worst traumas. [7]

It is revealed - due to not wearing his mask - that Robin Mask was not recognised by the bell, thus immune to the attack, and both attack Robin. [7] They then use Death Watch Branding to murder Robin Mask. [8] In the present day, Kevin Mask is slowly disappearing through time - it is revealed that Lightning and Thunder dropped their horns on the riverbank, which can be used to travel through time. [9] The Time Warp 8 arrive just at the moment of Robin's demise, and pry Lightning and Thunder away before they can complete their murder of him. [10] While the Old Generation are distracted and distrustful of the Time Warp 8, Lightning and Thunder try again to implement a Death Watch Branding.

Mantaro Kinniku runs to Robin's defence, but accidentally knocks Alisa Mackintosh into their attack, and Thunder and Lightning thus strike her with the Death Watch Branding. [10] Lightning and Thunder declare that the Time Warp 8 are their comrades, to further divide the Old Generation from the New Generation. [11] The Machineguns are unable to remove the trophy, at which point Thunder and Lightning declare that they should hold a new Tag Team Tournament. [12] They try to force the trophy from its place, but are severely injured, and they reveal that - when Harabote Muscle announces a new tag team tournament - was their intention from the start. [13]

The teams part ways to begin training for the new tournament. [14] Thunder and Lightning stowaway on a ship that contains various teams heading to the tournament, and kill their competition one by one during the night. [15] Thunder's true form is partially exposed, and he performs a High Voltage Crash with Lightning on one of the members upon the boat, which is followed by their Death Watch Branding. Together they kill all their competition just one night before the tournament is due to take place. [15]

Battle Royale

The Five Disasters are announced as entry number thirteen, where they enter the stage carrying Kevin Mask in an x-shaped clear-bed. [16] After all teams are announced, Harabote Muscle announces a battle royale to cut down the teams into enough for the main tournament, and two rings appear. [17] The Five Disasters attack the Muscle Brothers Nouveau, but Chaos avoids all of Thunder's attacks. [18] Thunder breaks Chaos' kinkeshi to rile him into an offensive mindset, and with Lightning they exchange a series of blows with Chaos, where they down Chaos and force him to weep covered on blood on the ring-mat. [18]

The Illusions throw the Five Disasters into the sub ring with Dragon Suplexes, before Master Shuffle uses Shuffle Body and follows with a Big Card Wave to help the Alphabet switch rings once again, but Lightning climbs on the card-bridge from the opposite end at the same time as the Alphabet. [19] This causes a Reverse Big Card Wave, and knocks the Illusions onto the canvas. The Alphabet is caught with a Hurricanrana by Lightning. Thunder attacks Master Shuffle with a German Suplex, while Lightning Power-Bombs the Alphabet onto Master Shuffle's chest at the same time. This causes Master Shuffle to catch on fire. [19]

Master Shuffle's charred corpse lies prone on the canvas. After Master Shuffle is burned alive, Thunder grabs The Alphabet by his head and traps him in a familiar stance, which leads to Lightning attacking with a Death Watch Branding technique. This causes him to collapse with substantial bleeding, while his letters fall from his body, and he is disqualified from the battle royale. [19] Thunder starts to stamp at the Alphabet's head, when he sees he is still breathing. [20] When Lightning gets blood on him, he stamps on the Alphabet's face and murders him. They then target the Muscle Brothers Nouveau once more. [20]

They are the attacked by The Machineguns, with Kinnikuman using a fart-attack upon Thunder and Terryman using a pile-driver on Lightning, but the Five Disasters manage to counter to try and escape. [20] The Five Disasters set up for a Death Watch Branding, but are stopped by the Fireball Flying Fogey Squad. [21] They strike the Five Disasters with a Worldly Desire Cleansing Bell. [21] The Fireball Flying Fogey Squad uses their tag-move, the Zero Fighter Genetic, and follow with a Tokko Attack. [22]

The blades of the propeller are broken against Thunder's chest, and the Five Disasters use a Calamity Cross on the Fireball Flying Fogey Squad, which is followed with a Press Disaster. [22] The Five Disasters attempt another attack, but the Fireball Flying Fogey Squad leaves to protect the Muscle Brothers Nouveau. [23] This leaves just twelve teams, allowing the Five Disasters to enter the tournament. [24] In the match-ups for the main tournament, the Five Disasters are given place as a seeder team for the quarter-finals. [25]

First Rounds

Harabote announces a reserve match during the first rounds. [26]

Despite being a seed team for the second round, the Five Disasters put forth their name. The only other team willing to fight them are The Choppers. [26]

(More to Come)

Quarter Finals

The second round matches are not decided by the previous rounds. [27] They are instead decided by allowing the teams to pick their place on the tournament tree, and The Adrenalines pick to fight the Five Disasters. [27]

(More to Come)

Robin Mask jumps out of the water wearing Kevin's mask, while clutching his own mask, and lands on Lightning's shoulders. [28] He uses the Robin Special, while Kid attacks at Thunder. [28]

(More to Come)


The Nova Hell Expansions attack the Five Disasters with elbow drops, as they try to enter the ring. [29] They continuously strike their backs like a drum, until Lightning tries to counter and is thrown onto the ring in Tournament Mountain, followed by Thunder being blown into the ring by Mammothman's Ear Gust. The Nova Hell Expansions land on the ring, where Neptuneman throws his cape of faces onto the ceiling. The sides of the War-Cube are replaced by walls covered in swords. [29]

The gong is then officially rung. [30]Mammothman and Thunder collide, shaking the ground. Thunder then uses a Lion Finger to break the top rope of the ring, but Mammothman uses a Branch Tusk to prevent him cutting the second, and proceeds to throw Thunder onto the swords that litter the floor. [30]

Thunder manages to stand and Mammothman uses another Big Tusk. [31] Thunder uses a Lion Mane to break the branching tusks, before he flies back into the ring, and attacks Mammothman, sending blood hurtling down into the crowds. He follows with a body-press, and Lightning lands on top of him, which sends the swords - still in his body - penetrating into Mammothman. Neptuneman and Lightning tag into the match, trading places with Mammothman and Thunder. [31]

They exchange a series of blows, until Lightning gains an advantage and breaks Neptuneman's left arm. [32] Just as the Nova Hell Expansions attempt an Optical Fibre Cross Bomber in response, Lightning uses his power of Acceleration to escape. [33] Lightning then uses a Double Neck Cut. [33] He escapes another attempt an Optical Fibre Cross Bomber, by forcing them to curve the optical fibres. [34] The Five Disasters then slam both of the Hell Expansions into the ring, and follow with Acceleration to toss both of the Hell Expansions onto the swords outside of the ring. [34]

The Nova Hell Expansions stand again, and Neptuneman uses an Ignition Crash on the Five Disasters. [35] Neptuneman attempts a Quarrel Press, but misses, and follows with a Chojin Hanging on Lightning. This is follows by Mammothman's Nose Freezing. [35] Due to physics, this stops their Acceleration from working and thus is cannot be used. [36] Mammothman uses his Big Tusk, and follows with a McKinley Avalanche against both of the Five Disasters; at this point, a voice calls to Mammothman and tells him to watch out for Thunder's Lion Mane attack behind him. He dodges and uses an Ice Rock Gyro. [36]

The Ice Rock Gyro on Thunder knocks Lightning also out of the ring. [37] The Five Disasters use the blood outside the ring to stick the boards of swords to their feet, which - on returning to the ring - use to kick at Mammothman, whose voice warned him on a trick. The voice continues to advise Mammothman, who uses his Nose Fencing against the Five Disasters, but they counter with a Nose Cleaving Leg Lariat. [37]

Mammothman tries another Nose Freezing. [38] He then uses a Jumbo Nose Catch on Thunder, before using another Ice Rock Gyro, but Thunder breaks out with a Lion Finger, and then uses a Lion Strike. The Five Disasters then use a Disaster Drive on Mammothman. [38] The Five Disasters then use their exotic matter to revert Mount Fuji to the state of an active volcano, which causes debris and boulders from the eruption to rain down on the Nova Hell Expansion. [39]

Mammothman uses his nose to block further debris from striking Neptuneman. [40] Two rocks strike his legs, which knock him down onto the canvas. This is followed by a Hot Rock Gyro from Lightning, and then the Five Disasters team up for a Giant Beat Cremation. [40] The Five Disasters continue to use tag-team moves on Mammothman, as he rises during the countdown. [41] Neptuneman uses his Magnet Power Comeback to stop another Giant Beat Cremation. [41] He follows with a Quarrel Sword Bomber, while the Five Disasters return to using their Acceleration, but this is stopped short by another Quarrel Sword Bomber. [42]

Neptuneman criticises the Five Disaster, as - even though they are all Evil Chojin - he cannot support their lawless nature and breaking of rules, and he goes to Mammothman's defence. The Five Disasters try to use their Death Watch Branding on Mammothman, but Neptuneman stops them with an Iron Bat Squeeze. [42][43] Mammothman confronts Neptuneman, as his actions go against the teachings of a Perfect Chojin, in that they should not help anyone (not even a team member). [43] He uses a Blind Alley Ear against Thunder.

Mammothman eats the volcanic debris, which helps increase his magnetic power, and - with Neptuneman - engages in a Cross Bomber Resurrection. [43] The attack knocks off a piece of Thunder's mask. [44] It fails to rip off Thunder's mask or face, as it is revealed Mammothman purposely failed the attack in order to destroy Neptuneman's arm, as he seeks to maintain the Perfect Chojin teachings, even if Neptuneman does not. [45]

Thunder then takes out Neptuneman's Achilles heel, and a Lion Comb down Neptuneman's back. [46] A Lion Fan takes out Neptuneman's other arm. [47] Lightning uses his Boiling Sickle to knock the studs off from Neptuneman's shirt, which attach to his own costume, and then uses a Double Leg Suplex, which cracks off Neptuneman's mask. Mammothman forfeits the game and leaves the ring. [47] Neptuneman finally realises the meaning of Friendship Power, but the Five Disasters use a Perfect Decay Finale on him. [48]

This knocks down Neptuneman, as Mammothman leaves with Phoenixman. [49]

He struggles to his feet, as he realises the error of his ways and returns to being a Justice Chojin. [50] He tries to attack, but Lightning reveals that he has a heart defect and will die regardless, and proceed to kill him with a Death Watch Branding. The match is called in the Five Disasters favour, but they flee the ring with Neptuneman's body towards the smouldering Mount Fuji. [50] At this time, Chaos Avenir climbs Tournament Mountain with the device left by Warsman that should go to Neptuneman. [51]

The Five Disasters toss Neptuneman's body into Mount Fuji, but Chaos uses the last of his exotic matter to stop Neptuneman from falling into the lava. [52] Chaos uses his exotic matter to revert Neptuneman back to a perfect state, and sends Neptuneman back to the future. [53] Mount Fuji is about to erupt, and so the Five Disasters flee the area to safety. [54]

They realise that Kevin Mask has escaped, but - deeming him too weak to be a threat - proceed to train for the finals that will take place in four days. [55] They train with their Thriller Reel Victory against Chaos and Mantaro's projections, but the immobility of Chaos leads them to realise that Chaos has died. [56]


(More to Come)

Lightning escapes from Kevin Mask's royal stretch with a four-point sickle impact. [57] This knocks Kevin outside of the ring, along with Mantaro who was downed by Thunder. They gives the Young Masters time to return to the ring, before they remove their acceleration mouth-pieces, and - reversing them - use the Evolution Mouthpiece Reverse. The Young Masters attempt a Chojin Merry-go-Round, as they attempt to blow away the Exotic Matter from the Five Disasters, but the Five Disasters counter with a Body-Clock Back-Spin. This heals their wounds and they use a Disaster Merry-go-Round. [57]

(More to Come)

Thunder holds back Mantaro, while Lightning lunges for Kevin Mask. [58] Kevin Mask uses a Unicorn Head against Lightning's Boiling Sickle, which breaks off Lightning's sickle and downs him. Thunder becomes triggered by Robin Mask's attention on Kevin Mask, leading to a flashback of his youth, and he begins a series of violent blows on Mantaro. They then use a 12 o'Clock Crash. [58]

(More to Come)

Kevin Mask is inspired by the spirit of Ramenman, while Mantaro summons his Fire of Inner Strength. [59] They combine their Muscle Millennium and Big Ben Edge attacks to create a Muscle Kingdom. This decides the match in favour of the Young Masters. [59] The Young Masters take the trophy, and the trophy bulbs, and toss two fragments of the bulbs to a downed Thunder and Lightning. [60] Thunder heals, but Lightning spits out the trophy bulb and proceeds to throw himself into Mount Fuji due to his defeat. [60]

The Young Masters burn the leftover trophy bulbs, only saving enough to save a few allies: Ramenman, Chaos, Buffaloman, Geronimo, and Brocken Jr. [61] They proceed to give the trophy to The Machineguns, and then say farewell to their parents, while Thunder uses the last of his Exotic Matter to send the time-ship back to the future. Thunder sacrifices his life, while the New Generation return home. [61]


Death Watch Branding

  • Teams up with Lightning to murder their opponent

Triangle Thunder Choke

  • Uses his legs - along with Lightning - to choke-hole his opponent

Destruction Bell

  • Can turn his arm into a bell, which forces opponents to relive worst/traumatic memories

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

  • O Robin Mask (Death Watch Branding)



  • Laugh: Nuwanuwanuwa.[1]


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