Tigerian is a saber-wielding Kaijū monster.


He appears in the first anime movie as a minion of Octopus Dragon III with a radically different appearance.


Abdullah challenges Kinnikuman and Terryman to a contest to determine who is superior: kaiju or chojin. [1] Tigerian enters the stadium alongside Abdullah, where they proceed to beat up Kinnikuman, until Terryman intervenes. The crowd cheers for Terryman, which makes Kinnikuman jealous, and - as Kinnikuman abandons the match - Terryman is caught off-guard and struggles in the match. [1]

Abdullah stabs Terryman in his head with a pair of scissors, and his pleas for help bring Kinnikuman back to the ring. Kinnikuman attacks Tigerian, while Terryman attacks Abdullah, and Kinnikuman wins against Tigerian with a back-drop, as Nachiguron delivers the countdown. [1]

Anime Differences

In the anime, Tigerian teams up with Octopus Dragon III to fight Kinnikuman and Terryman in an electric rope tag match. After a fierce struggle, Terryman defeats Tigerian with his trademark Calf Branding.




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