• Name: Tigerian (猛虎星人 Mōko Seijin)
  • Classification: Kaijū
  • Homeland: Planet Mōko
  • Chojin Kyodo: 280,000 Power(?), 900,000 Power (anime)
  • Favorite Techniques: Saber Attack, Atomic Drop
  • First Appearance: Manga Chapter 17, Movie #1
  • Seiyu: Koji Yada

Tigerian is a saber-wielding Kaijū modeled after Tiger Jeet Singh who teams up with Abdullah to fight Kinnikuman and Terryman in a tag match to decide who is better between Chōjin and Kaijū. Kinnikuman defeats him with a Back Drop.

Tigerian (Movie)

Anime version

He appears in the first anime movie with a radically different appearance.

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