A chojin based on tiles. 


A tile chojin. Defeated in the qualifying round by The Fishers. He, along with several other lesser Chojins who'd failed to qualify, was given another chance at participation in the tournament by taking part in a demonstration to touch Benkiman. He thought that as he was so large, he couldn't be flushed by the toilet chojin, but served to demonstrate Benkiman's power to roll his opponents into tiny balls. He was shot out when Kinnikuman made Benkiman's plumbing back up.


Tileman is first seen during the preliminaries of 21st Chojin Olympics: The Big Fight. [2] He takes part in a preliminary competition to see how far one can push a train, and - on his turn - he pushes it all the way to Hakata. [2] In the final preliminary, he takes place in a race against his fellow Seigi Chojin. [3] Tileman takes the lead during the match, and eventually ends up three entire laps ahead of his competition. [3] The Fishers trip him just before the finish line, which crushes him and forces him to lose the race. [4]

Later, during the tournament, a second-chance is given to the chojin that previously lost. [5] Anyone that lays a finger on Benkiman will be allowed to take his place in the finals. Tileman attacks (thinking himself too big to be flushed) but is screwed into a small ball, and then flushed afterwards. [5] When Kinnikuman clogs the bowl of Benkiman later in their match together, this allows Tileman to be shot out of Benkiman (alongside chojin such as Kani Base) and saved. [6]


Tile Attack

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Single)

  • X Benkiman



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