A tyrannical dictator of Planet Cupim.


Tyrant was an Evil Chojin imprisoned many years ago by a member of the Kinniku Clan, and escapes three months previous to the one-shot chapter. He takes the people of Planet Cupim prisoner, killing many and enslaving others, and has two minions: Hammerhead and Doguman. He is ultimately defeated by Kinnikuman.


Tyrant rules on Planet Cupim. [1]

Planet Cupim has been obscured from other planets over time, and - due to its isolation - Doguman and Hammerhead help Tyrant grow to power and rule the planet. He has been locked in chains for a million years, before having escaped three months previous to the plot, and plans to kill anyone who opposes him. He was a mass murderer and an evil Brutal Chojin. After murdering an elderly man, he enslaves the younger men. [1]

Barrack escapes and confronts Tyrant, but - despite wearing Kinnikuman's mask - Tyrant realises that this is not a member of the Kinniku Clan who initially imprisoned him. Barrack is able to get many attacks in, but they are ultimately useless and Tyrant drags him upward by his feet, and threatens harm onto him. This is when Kinnikuman arrives; Tyrant rips off the mask from Barrack, before proceeding to beat him, and Kinnikuman dons his mask. [1]

Kinnikuman attacks Tyrant, while Terryman occupies Hammerhead and Doguman. He knocks Barrack from the ring, while issuing a series of blows and a German Suplex, and counters a Tyrant Storm Drop, before finishing Tyrant with a Kinniku Buster. [1]


Tyrant Storm Drop


  • Submitted by: Takayuki Wakasaki, Kanagawa


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