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The main arc in Kinnikuman Nisei: Part Two.


First released in 2005, this is the second half of the Kinnikuman Nisei manga. It covers twenty-eight volumes, and is the longest arc of the entire Kinnikuman (manga) franchise.

New Characters


Lightning and Thunder travel through time to 1983, where they attempt to kill Robin Mask. This results in the slow disappearance of Kevin Mask, inspiring some of the New Generation to travel through time in turn, as the Time Warp 8. They manage to save Robin Mask, but accidentally cause Alisa Mackintosh to be wounded in the process, so that Kevin Mask is still disappearing from time.

Harabote Muscle thus declares a new tournament: the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament. This results in the New Generation fighting against the Legends and Evil Chojin, as they all seek to obtain the trophy bulbs at the base of the tournament trophy, which only the winners can obtain. These have the power to grant immortality, but also to revive those who have been injured or killed. The tournament ends with a win by The Young Masters and the death of the Five Disasters, as time is restored into a stable time-loop.


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Mantaro begins by daydreaming during training. [1]

He imagines that he is fighting alongside Kevin Mask, against two half-naked women. The dream then changes to one where he is being beaten by Kinnikuman and Terryman, before he is woken by Meat Alexandria, who reveals he is supposed to be training with his comrades. At this point, two Time Chojin arrive: Lightning and Thunder. They then go into the past and leave the New Generation behind. [1]

Later, Mantaro attends an awards ceremony for the Justice Chojin. [2] It is revealed the Time Chojin have gone back in time to kill Robin Mask, which - in turn - is erasing Kevin Mask from existence, and Mantaro volunteers to be one of the Time Warp 8 to go back in time and save Kevin Mask. [3]

He is initially made part of Barrierfreeman's Team 3, in charge of finding the Time Chojin's horns. [4]

Mantaro stumbles across the horns, after Kid smacks a dirty magazine out of his and Barrierfreeman's hands, and the horns glow as he holds them. [4] Once the time-ship is complete, Mantaro tries to smuggle toys and junk food on board, but Meat and Gazelleman reduce his luggage to the essentials. [5] On the ship, Kid puts him on trash duty, but soon sends him outside to remove a headstone that blocks the flight path. Before returning inside, Mantaro writes The Kevin Mask (ケビン・マスク号, Kebin Masuku Go) on the ship. [5]

Upon arrival in 1983, Mantaro and Terry stop Lightning and Thunder from killing Robin, but immediately arouse suspicion from Kinnikuman and the other Legends. [6] During the confusion, the Time Chojins try to kill Robin with the Death Watch Branding. [7] While rushing to save Robin, Mantaro accidentally bumps Alisa Mackintosh - Robin's wife - into the Tag Trophy, which causes her to bounce off and fall into the Death Watch Branding in Robin's place. [7] Lightning takes advantage of this and thanks Mantaro for the "support", further convincing the Legends that the New Generation are evil. [8]

When the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament is announced, Mantaro tries to team up with Kid as the New Century Machineguns, but Kid refuses. [9] After Seiuchin joins with Neptuneman, Mantaro is the only one without a partner. [10] With help from 20th Century Meat, he learns of a legendary hero who protected the earth from Evil Chojin, which took place while the Legends were settling into retirement. [11] This is learned throgh the Chojin Encyclopaedia. This man is alive and living in Japan during 1983. [11]

Before they can learn his name, Mantaro unknowingly uses the page about him as toilet paper. [11]

Mantaro first meets Chaos Avenir at an exhibition event, where Chaos is dressed as "Butanikuman". [12] Mantaro is impressed to see him perform a Double Kinniku Buster, and - when Chaos' teammates turn against him for ruining their routine - Mantaro climbs into the ring to fight alongside him. [13] They beat all other wrestlers, but their actions eventually lead to Chaos being fired from his job. [13]

Mantaro follows Chaos to his home at an orphanage, and begs Chaos to fight alongside him, believing that he is the great nameless chojin from history, but Chaos states that he merely a human and cannot be the nameless chojin saviour. [14] After getting Chaos to agree to be his partner anyway, he finds the mask of Kinnikuman Great among Chaos' collection, and they use it to create the identity of Kinnikuman Great III for Chaos to fight alongside him. [15] They then promise to join the tournament together and go together to the preliminary battle royale. [16]

Battle Royale

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First Rounds

Muscle Brothers Nouveau

Master Carpenter takes issue with his venue. [17]

He complains to Harabote Muscle of discrimination, as B-Block have venues that would attract less spectators. [17] He arrives the next day at Kawasaki Stadium, where he awaits the arrival of Muscle Brothers Nouveau with The Plastic Modelman. [18] In the Blue Corner, Master Carpenter makes the first attack against Chaos Avenir, which barely misses. [19]

After managing to deliver a blow, Master Carpenter hits Chaos with his Hammer Hand. Chaos is then forced to constantly evade many oncoming blows, until Mantaro Kinniku teaches Chaos to block with unusual methods. After so many blocked techniques, Master Carpenter attempts a Storm Through Norwegian Forests. [19]

Chaos hits Master Carpenter with a Palm Strike, followed by a Hard Hay-Maker. [20] Master Carpenter proceeds to tell Plastic Modelman to use his Diorama Sensation, and helps him to use the Steam Locomotive Model. [21] This allows him to achieve a Wooden Joint Hold. [21] He uses a Storm Prison Gate, by taking Chaos in a Sleeper Hold from Behind, while Plastic Modelman uses a Head Scissors from the front. [22] They then spin Chaos around and throw him into Mantaro, before they use their Resident Model to create a version of Abraham Lincoln. [22]

After a while Master Carpenter returns to the ring with a Prison Gate Hinge-Drop. [23] Chaos then counters a move by Master Carpenter, allowing Mantaro to make find some reprieve. [23] Master Carpenter takes Mantaro into a Brain-Buster, while the Lincoln Doll takes Chaos into a Brain-Buster, but the Muscle Brothers Nouveau manage to counter them. [24] They defeat the Lincoln model. [24] Master Carpenter squirts glue all over the canvas, before using his Possessed Brush to turn the ring into liquid and while Mantaro struggles to swim, the Hell's Carpenters turn into a submarine. [25]

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During the battle, Chaos Avenir discovers that Plamoman's submarine kit is of the same type with which he also plays. [26] Chaos creates a breathing apparatus, just as Plamoman - in submarine form - takes a sharp turn, and dives beneath the waves. [27] There was no power source included with the model kit, so Plamoman improvised with the top rope of the ring, and Chaos snaps the rope to stop the propeller, which - in turn - stops the ship from movement. [27] Mantaro Kinniku throws Master Carpenter down upon Plamoman in an attack, which harms him. [20]

The bridge of the U-boat cracks open, and Plamoman falls to pieces due to the attack. He then sucks all his pieces back to him, but is left with only the runner and none of the pieces in place.Chaos then catches Plamoman, and then prepares with Mantaro to use the Muscle Docking technique. [20]

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The Adrenalines

The match takes place at Kuramae Kokugikan, at 2.30pm. [28] The Adrenalines arrive in matching costumes and masks, until Terry the Kid reveals himself by removing his mask, and the Wailing Ghost Gang arrives on palanquins, but the Adrenalines strike the Wailing Ghost Gang before the bell is rung. [29] The bell is rung and The Adrenalines start with a flying body attack in a synchronised aerial move, before the Wailing Ghost Gang toss them across the ring. [30]

The Wailing Ghost Gang retaliate with a Gaon's Bamboo-Copter Blood-Fountain. This knocks Terry the Kid out of the ring, and Robin Mask slams Gaon down onto the mat. [30] The Gaon gains an advantage, as Robin Mask becomes distracted by the sight of Kevin Mask disappearing at the ring-side. [31] The Wailing Ghost Gang team up against Robin Mask, and use a Wailing Leg Slash, which causes Robin to collapse at the side of the ring and allow Terry the Kid to switch with him. [32] Kid is able to take the lead. [32]

Kid uses a Dead-Crush Arm-Breaker against Emperor Death. [33] Emperor Death counters with a Snake-Belly Hand, before using an Emeishan Drop. Gaon joins in with a drop-kick to Kid's face, while Kid works out that Kevin's survival depends on Robin's victory during the match, as his death will result in Kevin's death. He kicks Gaon on the back of his head, before Gaon counters by tossing him to Emperor Death, who uses a Cobra Claw to force Kid to his feet. The Wailing Ghost Gang gain an advantage, until Robin Mask sees Kid in distress and tags himself into the match. Robin Mask uses a Kingdom Neck Chancery. [33]

Emperor Death uses his snake-hand to remove Robin Mask's armour, and he tosses the armour onto Kevin Mask's clear-bed. [34] Robin Mask then uses an Indian Death-Lock on Emperor Death, and Gaon then stops him with a Gaon Ride. Emperor Death then uses a Snake-Tail Foot against to hang from the rafters, as he uses a Snake-Belly Hand and engages in Slow-Slicing. [34] Emperor Death then uses a Blood-Leech Bowl technique to keep Robin Mask alive, while he announces his aim to gain immortality with the trophy bulbs. [35]

Terry the Kid then kicks Robin's armour back into the ring. [36] Robin Mask uses a Blood Fountain to blind his opponents, before Kid uses a $1,000,000 Kick to incapacitate Emperor Death. [37] Robin uses his Maelstrom Power, followed by a Greenwich Time Crash, and puts back on his armour, which helps to heal him with its familial and ancestral powers. The Wailing Ghost Gang try to use another Bamboo-Copter, until The Adrenalines use Tag Formation A. Kid also then uses a Texas Tornado Elbow. [37]

This knocks out Gaon. [37] The Adrenalines then use an Adrenaline Bridge upon Emperor Death, which causes Emperor Death to be knocked out in turn, and Harabote Muscle declares the match in The Adrenalines favour, causing the audience to throw cushions into the ring in support of them. [38]

Hells Bears

The B-Block first-round match between them takes place at Kanagawa's Kawasaki Stadium. [39] Team Cosmos arrives with capes adorned with the USSR insignia, while the Hell's Bears enter to a fairy-tail parade on a sleigh. [39] The Hell's Bears dance onto the ring in costumes, before coaxing Team Cosmos to dance with them, but this angers Team Cosmos into a Galactica Attack. [40] The bell is then rung, while Team Cosmos lament that the bear costumes feel like a mockery of their homeland's Misha mascot. Team Cosmos then use a Russian Sickle. [40]

Meteoman uses a Meteor Cannon against Belmond. [41] This knocks Belmond back into his corner, while Sputnik uses a No. 1 Cosmos Medallion, and together Team Cosmos launch a rocket into the graveyard orbit above Earth. Belmond then kicks at Meteoman's jaw, while Michael throws Sputnik against the mat. [41] Meteoman attempts an A-Bomb, which Belmond cancels with Head Scissors. [42] While Belmond unleashes a series of attacks on Meteoman, Michael is attacked by Spuntnik, and Sputnik throws him with a double-arm suplex, which causes him to land near to Belmond. [42]

Belmond uses a rolling sobat on Sputnik, as he switches places with Michael, but Meteoman uses another Meteor Cannon into Belmond's legs. Team Cosmos then use a Siberian Storm. This rips open Belmond's back and causes immense bleeding, and - as Sputnik holds him upright - Meteoman kicks continuously at his open wound. Eventually, Belmond uses a Bear Claw as a counter-attack. [42] Belmond then delivers a series of elbow drops to Sputnik's head. [43] Team Cosmos use Sputnik's antenna to pull a rain of space debris down against the Hell's Bears, and the light of which illuminates Belmond's cybernetic body. [43]

Meteoman uses another Meteor Cannon, which is counter by Michael. [44] Belmond breaks off Sputnik's antennas, preventing him from summoning more space debris, and then puts him in a bear-hug, before Michael grabs Meteoman and together they perform a Teddy Crash. This knocks Sputnik and Meteoman down for the count, but Sputnikman stands again and confronts Belmond about his true identity. Belmond proceeds to drill a hole through his body, revealing his identity as Warsman. [44]

This defeats Team Cosmos and kills Sputnikman. [44]

Five Disasters

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Hell Expansions

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Quarter Finals

The Machineguns

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Muscle Brothers Nouveau

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Five Disasters

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Hell Expansions

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Muscle Brothers Nouveau

Chaos enters the left-most ring in perfect sync with Mantaro. [45]

When Kinnikuman announces a mask versus mask match, Chaos agrees on seeing Mantaro agree, as he completely trusts Mantaro. [46] Chaos offers to go first in the ring, to protect Mantaro, but Mantaro strikes him and enters the ring first. [46] He stays on the side of the ring, where he is able to offer advice to Mantaro. [47] After a series of failed attempts to tag into the match, Chaos finally attempts to attack Terryman from behind. [48] Chaos is then sent reeling by a kick from Kinnikuman.

The two are thrown against one another, and then suffer drop-kicks to the back of the head, which sends them onto the canvas. [48] Chaos - inspired by Ramenman's spirit - attacks Terryman, and together with Mantaro, they are able to counter-attack against The Machineguns. [49] Together, they use the Man-Cha Drop. [49] Chaos manages to then inspire Mantaro, as they seemingly gain the upper-hand. [50]

After Kinnikuman rids himself of the Demon Hourglass, Chaos continues to offer support to Mantaro while he fights against Kinnikuman alone on the ring. [51] Chaos is horrified by Kinnikuman's action, such as trying to remove Mantaro's mask, as it goes against what he knows as a Justice Chojin. [52] Chaos is tagged into the match and saves Mantaro with a Guillotine Drop, and - as Terryman enters the ring - stops him with a Flying Knee Kick. [52] Chaos is then struck by The Machineguns' Cross Bomber. [53]

Despite his injury, Chaos stops them using the Cross Bomber on Mantaro. Terryman strikes Chaos with a Texas Condor Kick, before using the tag-team move of Building Demolition Drop, and Terryman strikes him over and over with a barrage of blows. [53] Chaos and Terryman exchange a series of blows, until Chaos is able to gain the upper-hand by striking Terryman with the corner-post and forcing him to switch with Kinnikuman. [54] The Machineguns strike Mantaro with a W-Kinniku Buster. [54]

Chaos then transcends to another plane of existence, where he meets the spirit of Ramenman. [55] Ramenman teaches him about Friendship Power and teamwork, while Rinko Nikaido encourages him in his favourite cosplay from outside of the ring, and he awakens and is sent hurtling into the glass, which breaks and cuts Rinko's leg. [55] Rinko inspires Chaos to switch with Mantaro. [56]

Chaos is tagged back into the ring and uses a Double-Shoulder Buster with Mantaro against The Machineguns. [57] They then use a Moonsault Head-Lock against Terryman. [57] The Machineguns attempt a Muscle Docking, but - due to Kinnikuman's error - it is not at full power. [58] A second Muscle Docking is attempted, but is countered by a Skull Campana. [59] In an exchange of blows, Kinnikuman and Mantaro are thrown from the war-cube and Chaos must help them stay in with Terryman. [59]

The match is fought evenly from that point forward, until a Muscle Docking is attempted again. [60] Mantaro uses his Fire of Inner Strength, and Chaos counters the attack with him, rendering it useless against them. [61] Chaos hits Terryman with a Skull Stapler, as Mantaro uses a Buster Crash on Kinnikuman, and together they use the Muscle Evolution. [61] The Machineguns and Muscle Brothers Nouveau are both knocked down, as a countdown begins to be counted. [62] Chaos and Mantaro stand.

They are declared the winners of the match. [62]

Five Disasters

The Nova Hell Expansions attack the Five Disasters with elbow drops, as they try to enter the ring. [63] They continuously strike their backs like a drum, until Lightning tries to counter and is thrown onto the ring in Tournament Mountain, followed by Thunder being blown into the ring by Mammothman's Ear Gust. The Nova Hell Expansions land on the ring, where Neptuneman throws his cape of faces onto the ceiling. The sides of the War-Cube are replaced by walls covered in swords. [63]

Neptuneman begins the match with a Cross Bomber against Lightning. [64] Lightning catches himself on the ropes, and counters an oncoming Quarrel Bomber with a kick to the back of Neptuneman's head. The gong is then officially rung. Mammothman and Thunder collide, shaking the ground. [64] Neptuneman and Lightning tag into the match, trading places with Mammothman and Lightning. [65]

They exchange a series of blows, until Lightning gains an advantage and breaks Neptuneman's left arm. [66] Just as the Nova Hell Expansions attempt an Optical Fibre Cross Bomber in response, Lightning uses his power of Acceleration to escape. [67] Lightning then uses a Double Neck Cut. [67] He escapes another attempt an Optical Fibre Cross Bomber, by forcing them to curve the optical fibres. [68] The Five Disasters then slam both of the Hell Expansions into the ring, and follow with Acceleration to toss both of the Hell Expansions onto the swords outside of the ring. [68]

The Nova Hell Expansions stand again, and Neptuneman uses an Ignition Crash on the Five Disasters. [69] Neptuneman attempts a Quarrel Press, but misses, and follows with a Chojin Hanging on Lightning. This is follows by Mammothman's Nose Freezing. [69] Due to physics, this temporarily stops their Acceleration from working and thus is cannot be used. [70] Later, the Five Disasters then use their exotic matter to revert Mount Fuji to the state of an active volcano, which causes debris and boulders from the eruption to rain down on the Nova Hell Expansions. [71]

Mammothman uses his nose to block further debris from striking Neptuneman. [72] Two rocks strike his legs, which knock him down onto the canvas. This is followed by a Hot Rock Gyro from Lightning, and then the Five Disasters team up for a Giant Beat Cremation. [72] The Five Disasters continue to use tag-team moves on Mammothman, as he rises during the countdown. [73] Neptuneman uses his Magnet Power Comeback to stop another Giant Beat Cremation. [73] He follows with a Quarrel Sword Bomber, while the Five Disasters return to using their Acceleration, but this is stopped short by another Quarrel Sword Bomber. [74]

Neptuneman criticises the Five Disaster, as - even though they are all Evil Chojin - he cannot support their lawless nature and breaking of rules, and he goes to Mammothman's defence. The Five Disasters try to use their Death Watch Branding on Mammothman, but Neptuneman stops them with an Iron Bat Squeeze. [74][75] Mammothman confronts Neptuneman, as his actions go against the teachings of a Perfect Chojin, in that they should not help anyone (not even a team member). [75] He uses a Blind Alley Ear against Thunder.

Mammothman eats the volcanic debris, which helps increase his magnetic power, and - with Neptuneman - engages in a Cross Bomber Resurrection. [75] The attack knocks off a piece of Thunder's mask. [76] It fails to rip off Thunder's mask or face, as it is revealed Mammothman purposely failed the attack in order to destroy Neptuneman's arm, as he seeks to maintain the Perfect Chojin teachings, even if Neptuneman does not. [77]

Thunder then takes out Neptuneman's Achilles heel, and a Lion Comb down Neptuneman's back. [78] A Lion Fan takes out Neptuneman's other arm. [79] Lightning uses his Boiling Sickle to knock the studs off from Neptuneman's shirt, which attach to his own costume, and then uses a Double Leg Suplex, which cracks off Neptuneman's mask. Mammothman forfeits the game and leaves the ring. [79] Neptuneman finally realises the meaning of Friendship Power, but the Five Disasters use a Perfect Decay Finale on him. [80]

This knocks down Neptuneman, as Mammothman leaves with Phoenixman. [80]

He struggles to his feet, as he realises the error of his ways and returns to being a Justice Chojin. [81] He tries to attack, but Lightning reveals that he has a heart defect and will die regardless, and proceed to kill him with a Death Watch Branding. The match is called in the Five Disasters favour, but they flee the ring with Neptuneman's body towards the smouldering Mount Fuji. [81] At this time, Chaos Avenir climbs Tournament Mountain with the device left by Warsman that should go to Neptuneman. [82]

The Five Disasters toss Neptuneman's body into Mount Fuji, but Chaos uses the last of his exotic matter to stop Neptuneman from falling into the lava. [83] Chaos uses his exotic matter to revert Neptuneman back to a perfect state, and jams the device into Neptuneman's chest, which fixes the heart defect. [84] He sends Neptuneman back to the future, so that Neptuneman - as a Justice Chojin - can teach a new generation. [85]


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