I joined this wiki on 6th January, 2019.

I became a bureaucrat on 18th March, 2019.

We have been extensively working on this wiki over time. It is work helped by the tireless and invaluable community, and we cannot thank our editors enough. To any editors reading this: thank you. You're what makes our community so special.

Other Mods

If there are any issues that I can't resolve, or if you would rather talk to someone else, then we have two moderators in particular that are very friendly and open to mediation and/or discussion. They are also more than happy to answer any questions:

DaHumorist is a long-term user of Fandom, with vast experience as a editor, moderator, and even an administrator. He has great technical knowledge, with our wonderful Minor Character pages - and their templates - part of his creation, and he has worked tirelessly on various episode pages, complete with images and pieces of information. He is also a fan of the series and knowledgeable in many of its general aspects.

Neon Alkaid is particularly skilled with the technical side of the wiki. The usage of templates, sliders, customised themes, bots, etc. are all thanks to Alkaid's amazing knack for technology, and she has years of Fandom experience and is happy to help with any questions, particularly related to the 'hows' of the wiki.

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