The mother of Alisa Mackintosh.


Vanessa Mackintosh is the mother of Alisa Mackintosh, as well as the wife of Paul Mackintosh. In the anime, she is also the mother of Laura Mackintosh. Vanessa lives on the Mackintosh Estate, somewhere around the Greater London area, and is a part of an upper-class family of some wealth. Vanessa has very few speaking lines.


Vanessa sits across from Alisa, within the dining room of the Mackintosh Estate. [1] They await Robin Mask, as he plans to meet Alisa's parents for the first time, but - when he arrives late - Vanessa is horrified by the smell of his sweat. Vanessa nearly faints due to his uncouth etiquette, such as putting on deodorant in public and ignoring their food to chug down protein shakes. [1]

Vanessa is shocked to learn that Robin wishes to become a Chojin Olympics champion, as opposed to running the bank once Paul Mackintosh retires. [2] Robin is thrown out, while Vanessa remains seated and does not get involved. [2] When Robin becomes human, Vanessa attends the local pub to attempt a reconciliation, along with Alisa and her husband Paul. [3]

When Paul grows drunk, she chastises him and tells him not to embarrass them in public. [3] Vanessa faints when she witnesses John Bullman's death on a television at the pub, where Robin decides he must become a chojin again. [4] She later cries, when Robin must chase his goal and sacrifice his relationship with Vanessa, as he chooses to avenge his fallen friend. [4] Vanessa later attends Robin's match against Guillotine King, alongside her husband and daughter. [5] She later celebrates his victory. [6]


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