Volcano is the son of The Mountain.


Volcano was raised by The Mountain to exact revenge on his behalf against the Terry Clan. He becomes the captain of a wrestling club within Amarillo, Texas, and challenges Terry the Kid to a duel on a ring that hangs over the Palo Duro Canyon. He is a master of jujitsu and ultimately defeated by Terry the Kid.


Kid returns home bruised and injured, which causes Natsuko Shono to chastise him, as he has came home from school with injuries every day for two weeks. After Terryman talks to Kid, Kid reveals that a new jujitsu chojin has transferred to his school. This chojin proceeded to defeat every member of his after-school wrestling club, before defeating Terry the Kid, and Terry the Kid - needing to defend his honour - fought this chojin every day since he lost the fight, only to continue to lose each time he tries to fight him again. The jujitsu chojin then forms a new jujitsu club without Terry the Kid. [1]

After Terry the Kid expresses a desire to join the jujitsu club, giving up wrestling, Terryman takes him out onto the ranch to fulfil a Terry Clan family tradition, which is to remove tree stumps at least once a day from the male chojin's tenth birthday. After Terryman cuts down the trees, he tells Kid to remove the stumps, but Kid grows tired and fails to remove any more. A group of Kid's ex-teammates show up, where they proceed to mock him for the training with his father, and mock Terryman in the process, at which point Volcano reveals he was the jujitsu chojin that displaced Kid and stole his teammates for a new club. [1]

Terryman recognises him as the son of The Mountain, and Volcano declares that he wishes to challenge Kid to a fight to the death, which will occur in two days time. The Mountain is driving the truck that takes them away, and rams a street-sign that is sent hurtling against Terryman, who is injured by the pole. [1]

Volcano sends a message to Kid about a duel. [2]

He waits on a ring, suspended over the Palo Duro Canyon in Amarillo, Texas. Volcano begins by teasing Kid, while the Volcano and his friends cheer him on from the sidelines. He begins the match with a series of attempted blows, but Kid avoids each and every one by constant evasion. The few blows Kid manages do no harm to Volcano. [2]

Volcano takes Kid into a Soaring Arm-Cross, and - when Kid fails with a Mach Tackle - Volcano uses a Rotating Hell Strangle. Just as Kid is about to be choked unconscious, he manages to deliver a blow that damages Volcano's head and causes some lava to spill like blood. He follows with the counter-attack of a Volcanic Eruption, and then uses a Magma Boiling Lava. Volcano then sees the four-leafed lucky charm that Kid drops onto the mat. [2]

Volcano tries to destroy the lucky charm, which angers Kid and inspires him to fight in earnest. After a quick series of blows, Kid manages to employ the Texas Clover-Hold, which causes Volcano to give up and fall unconscious on the mat. The arc ends with a focus on Kid, and Volcano is not seen again. [2]


Soaring Arm-Cross

  • An arm-cross exacted mid-air at some speed

Volcanic Eruption

  • Blasts his opponent high in the air with his magma

Magma Boiling Lava

  • Drops onto his opponent's back with both knees

Rotating Hell Strangle

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Singles)
× Terry the Kid (Texas Clover Hold)



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