Kinnikuman Wiki

Administrators can protect and undo protection of pages.

The 'protection' of a page means that only Fandom staff, administrators, and moderators can modify the page.

The majority of pages on all of Fandom should remain publicly editable, and not protected. Pages may, however, be temporarily or permanently protected for legal reasons (for example, license texts should not be changed) or in cases of extreme vandalism or edit wars. If you believe a page should be protected, please contact an administrator.


  • Protecting highly vandalised pages, such as the Main Page on large wikis
  • Maintaining the integrity of the site's logo and favicon
  • Maintaining the integrity of key copyright and license pages
  • Protecting the interface and system messages in the MediaWiki namespace (these are protected automatically)

A temporary protection is used for:

  • Enforcing a "cool down" period to stop an "edit war"
  • Protecting a page that has been a target of persistent vandalism or persistent edits by a banned user

There is no need to protect personal .css and .js pages like user/monobook.css or user/cologneblue.js. Only the accounts associated with these pages (and admins) are able to edit them.

What is Protected?

On this wiki, very little will be permanently protected; this is because we encourage all people to become editors. We wish for the wiki to be as inclusive as possible, and wish to emphasise the nature of community. That being said, sometimes it is necessary to protect pages in order to preserve the wiki as a reliable, accurate, and accessible source for the fandom.

Semi-Protected Pages

No pages are currently semi-protected

Fully-Protected Pages

  • Rules
    • Rules, Policies, and Wiki Info are fully protected. This is because we need all three to be as clear and concise as possible, and rules must only be set by administrators and/or the community for the betterment of the wiki and its community.
  • Templates
    • All templates are fully protected. This is to prevent one edit having knock-on ramifications that would affect or break many other pages, and because templates are fundamental to the working of pages.
  • Deep of Muscle
    • The individual episodes are fully protected. This is because these episodes are valuable resources to the fandom, not currently found anywhere else online, and any edits can/may drastically alter the original meaning or intent from the source material. We also need them to be as accurate and clear as possible to be useful to all users. Due to the unique nature of these pages, and huge number of potential issues in allowing all users to edit, only moderators and administrators may edit these pages.

Rules for Admins

  1. Do not make the common mistake of unnecessarily protecting pages
  2. Do not edit a temporarily protected page, except to add a notice explaining the page is protected
  3. Avoid favouring one version of the article over another, unless one version is vandalism
  4. Temporarily protected pages should not be left protected for very long
  5. Talk pages and user talk pages are not protected except in extreme circumstances
  6. The protection of a page on any particular version is not meant to express support for that version