He is one of the Night Watchmen of the D.M.p.


A Yaksha-themed villain. One of the "Night Watchmen (寝ずの番 Nezu no Ban)" of the d.M.p's headquarters, the Dungeon Hand (迷宮の手). He uses his long hair as a weapon and is defeated by Gazelleman. He first appears as a fan submission on the cover art for chapter 374 of the original Kinnikuman.


After Meat Alexandria is kidnapped by the DMp, the New Generation enter the dMp headquarters to find him and rescue him. [1] This creates a new tournament against the "Night Watchmen" of the dMp. As the New Generation run through the headquarters, Yashamu turns his hair into giant hands and grabs Gazelleman, whom he forces into his Japanese-styled ring. He then slams him into a far corner-post, but Gazelleman uses his Antler Fist to cut through the hair and escape his grasp. Gazelleman ends the match in record time, as he uses Savannah Heat to tear open Yashamu. This cuts him into three pieces and kills him. [1]


Kagamijishi Guruma (鏡獅子車)

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Singles)



  • Submitted by: Shoko Shimada (島田章子) of Hiroshima as Yashamu (夜叉)


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